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Causes Of Somatoform Disorders [NEW]


Causes Of Somatoform Disorders [NEW]

Somatoform disorders are characterized by physical sensations and bodily pain caused by mental illness. These symptoms cause a significant amount of distress and may or may not be linked to a medical condition, mental disorder, or other substance abuse condition. Symptoms of somatic disorder also tend to trigger stress and anxiety and lead the individual to spend a great deal of time thinking about or acting in response to them.

Somatoform disorders are characterized by excessive focus on physical ailments, such as pain or tiredness. These physical symptoms cause an individual extreme mental distress and significant impairment in everyday functioning. A person with a somatoform disorder will constantly obsess over their symptoms while frantically searching for a plausible explanation for them.

Different somatoform disorders are distinguished by thoughts, emotions and actions related to somatic symptoms. There are seven types of somatoform disorders where individuals present with a multitude of clinically significant symptoms that cannot be explained, including:

Like the specific somatic symptom and related disorders diagnosis, undifferentiated somatoform disorder applies to individuals who have symptoms characteristic of somatic disorders that do not meet full criteria for any somatoform disorder. However, the unspecified somatic symptom and related disorder diagnosis should only be given in unusual situations, or in situations where there is insufficient information to make a more specific diagnosis.

Somatoform disorder symptoms cannot be explained by a concrete medical or neurological cause or condition. They may range from mild to severe and can present as single or multiple symptoms. Pain is the most frequent symptom experienced in somatoform disorders and is usually accompanied by pervasive thoughts, emotions and actions related to the pain. These beliefs, feelings and behaviors can be debilitating and disruptive to normal functioning.

It is not precisely clear what causes somatoform disorders, but it is believed that there are several contributing factors. Genetic and hereditary factors, such as hypersensitivity to pain sensations, may be involved. Family influences can be another contributing factor.

An individual who possesses a personality trait of negativity can influence how illness and physical symptoms are perceived. Increased attention to bodily symptoms and sensations when a person has difficulty identifying, discussing or processing emotions is often involved. In other cases, a somatoform disorder may develop in a subconscious effort to garner extra attention because of their perceived illness.

To be diagnosed with a somatoform disorder, a person must display at least one somatic symptom, such as pain or sleepiness that causes distress and negatively impacts daily functioning. They must also have extreme and unrelenting thoughts about the severity of their symptoms, experience elevated levels of anxiety about their health and spend an excessive amount of time on symptoms or health. Symptoms must last for longer than six months, though the intensity of symptoms may fluctuate during this time.

Somatoform disorders often co-occur with mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Co-occurring mental health conditions need to be addressed simultaneously for treatment to be effective. In some cases, co-occurring mental health conditions are the underlying cause of somatoform disorders.

Psychotherapy is beneficial in the treatment of a somatoform disorder because physical symptoms are usually related to underlying psychological conditions. The most commonly used somatoform disorder treatment option is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which focuses on helping people change their thoughts and behaviors related to the condition. CBT can help individuals learn how to decrease preoccupation with their symptoms while teaching them how to cope with physical symptom


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