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Wesley Harris

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Download Goldmine December 2022 rar

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Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Parazite in me, Breathing under water, Balkum origins, Nameless Pain, Atrocities, Shinigami, Cthulhu Clothesline, Siberian Frost, and 168 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $126.72 USD or more (90% OFF) Send as Gift CD Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album Includes unlimited streaming of Ohmnivalent via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. $(".buyItem .bd").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("buyItem"), "more", "less"); Sold Out Share / Embed 1. Premateria (A Fire Birth) 05:06 lyrics buy track eye ex nihiloout of the alpha swirling nuclear densityexpanding, contracting, interpenetratingcell walls touch, but I need an openingthine infallible tessellation made fleshreaching out of the orange dawnfingertips beholden to a remote microbial sphere26 orbs spiralingsnaking around her wooly legsa wind blew, shaking the weband knocked a globe off coursegyrated and submerged into amniotic oceansencircling her fertile coreigneous ascends like an offspring prosimian wailigneous ascends like fire from the skyHis good earth is born like venus crucifiedforged in his shapehands embracing flamediminutive puppet thumb reaches around a rib bonea slave of his owngiven the choice of subservience or destitutionyou cannot be methere was one and now there's threeeclipsing the sky with a babbelling menageriefeeble hands reaching at immortalitybut the serpent-stung wrists bleeddraining the venom for eternityyou're my mistake and you'll always bebeneath my divine grace 2. The Seraphim Veil 05:20 lyrics buy track this touch is pureordained from the highest order abovethrough the shadow of the needle's eye of my own camelot glowmammon gushes at my offering of stillborn hope rotting within medevouring youth while my millstone rings hollowenter my temple where the cleric begets swinepurity is rape and salvation is genocideyour home is a gravespare no childrenspare no onesavage heathen will conform to the sanctity of life (sweet flesh)sweep the soil clear of the cradle boardsvital and ripe for siege and blight (sweet animal flesh)traded the manitou for the goldminethrough the cracks in the stained glass I can seea dancing ghost of atrocity through the hanging tombinverted spectacles of tormentwithout the veil of the unfurled flag I seeslaughter-bound human freight in waitinglashes upon the backinverted brand upon the chestlord knows I have a pale glowI can't just take off my haloeven as I stand on your graveit's still a master and a slaveThe land is cleared to stack my house of cardsmy ossuary palace reduced to shardsthere voices fall upon deaf ears on the the side of the veilburied by law from Wounded Knee To Warsawthey saw a prismatic justice awaits us allthe only reparation is reclamationspare no childrenspare no one 3. Bicruciforms: The Eternal Return 04:58 lyrics buy track recurrence eternala false beginning with a tricky endingit's all played out beforethe greatest error doomed to repetitioninvert this looposcillating mirage dreamconform to my new rebelliousanarchic military stateI can settle down in a vivariumif the cell wall are wide enough to let mespread my wingsI submit to you sharia in the skyand maybe if you repeat a lie often enoughit could set you free!bleeding kneesplasma ticking and smokingimminent flesh-fueled bombfeels like I've been on my knees too longdefined only by oppositionwhat am I without my scapegoaton which I project my venomous rage?how may I exalt myself without the cloak of purity?all the pages buried within your vaultwill not shelter my eyes while you get under my skinassimilate and push that rock up the mountain againanother revolution another curtain-parting puppet show revealresentment there will always beno matter who tops the hierarchyblind man sees internallywhen there's no witness to the fallall the desecrations hidden in your vaultwill not burn out my eyeswhile she's executed in honor, martyrmy skin is steel your nails won't break throughfor every stone lodged in the crossfor every raped and plagiarized ascensionit will die inside her jagged wombhis papal occupationblind woman seesthrough janus eyesthe one, the threedead before it's alivenow it's time to get off of your kneesthe vault is open and her spirit has risenyou're redeemedopen your eyesdon't swim upstream in the infant trinity's sea of liesreverse the tidereverse the lieset us free 4. Ohmnivalent 08:19 lyrics buy track Defected at the startMy will bent at the kneeFor the hallowed prospective awardDoppleganger-bound pantomimeSinging necrotic hymns of resurrectionI drain the poison plasma that runs through meI can't wait to melt awayWax marionetteUnbound vibrationsThe light greets meAll of my life i have been waitingThis shell is nothingRelease me!Release me from this poison of plastic fleshGive me the ichorPlead your caseTransforming into realms of ecstatic decayNine pairs of eyesRevolve around my guiseI can see the divisions melting by the lightOf the fallen oneTempting me once was the man whose law is writ in stoneTempting me twice was the man whose blood i've knownNo one can tell if i'm shackled or on a throneTempting me last were the seven swords for chipping bonesNo wrathNo vengeful god denyingYour right to affirm your life and live it nowYour heart, mind and will are your only lawsI am the omnianthrologos, i'm the serpentThis is my flesh-bood kingdom and mine aloneBlasphemy! every breath is sinThe division line a condemnationFire raining down from the absoluteI will suffer through this decrepit fallen statePay off my carnal debt and receive the prize awaiting meI'm so weakI can't control the motions of the earthStone grip slipped and let it goI taught myself how to part the red cloudsAnd scale the skyClimb my gold chainsBut i hit a reflective dome ceilingLooked into my own eyes and he said"they've gone away forever!Break the chain, embrace what's ahead, together!" 5. Mitosis 08:42 lyrics buy track - Instrumental - 6. Panacea 04:44 lyrics buy track My Cathedral Surrounds MeFrom My Chorus Of CanyonsTo The Hymns Of My Rolling Blue HillsBut My Head Slipped Into A Steel TrapSevered The Connection And Put Under The MicroscopeLandscapes On A Platter, Reduced To CodeLasso-Tied, Conquered, BoundHard Disk ObeliskPenetrating Dirt MoundEmbers DrownedDust To DustAshes, Ashes You Don't Define MeBury Me Head-First Into The GroundAbsorb And Plant My SeedBury Me AlivePlant The Seed Nourish Me So I May SproutHow Advanced Am I?Not Enough Land For My Mass GravesHow Much Progress Have I MadeIf I'm Still Alone And Enslaved?Pavement Dreams Haunt MeAs Steel Gives Way To Sand And SeaMy Plastic Rotating Cage DeterioratingAnd Fueling A New All-Consuming SeascapeLunar Force Colliding, BreakingContainers Spill Back Into The SourceDust To DustAshes You're My Only Destiny 7. Hypnagogue 05:02 lyrics buy track Eye for an eyeFlesh of my fleshMy kingdom's blind and skinlessI need to feel their hate in my veinsYou bore the brunt of a fascist placeboNow you'll play my capoKill for me, taste the bloodLike the spilling waves of your source'sExecutioners wakeI need to feel your hate in my veinsTear the skin, inject the rageFuel to their bombs and the other sides tanksDoping on your bloodshedAs the stiefel 's on the other footAbsorbing the power of frenzied annihilationWith enemies like these who needs friends?Your only ally is your painRacking up the losses of my gainMore recruits for your torture paradiseSpin it aroundCamouflage our twisted symbiosisA threat to our way of lifeCowards infringingSoiling our chosen riverA shadow on our beaconShining beaconLight reflecting off pillar swords of authorityMy duty, honour, countryRest on my trigger fingers becauseI submit to the blessed first and lastI'm entitled, god givenThe right to poison the well with the blood of your kindChosen, saved, kneelingLiving dead, disappearing act, judgementConflicts cancelPerfect dissonance out of phaseNucleus raptureBones dancing out of gravesI'm playing all sidesReverse prism into blackI am chosen, i am savedMy messiah has a tail between his legsSandy stage is setAnd i'm chosen, saved and kneelingOnly you can consolidate to eradicateMy suns final arrivedWith charred flesh as your brideAnd a treasure that awaits usIn the other side 8. Demiurge 05:26 lyrics buy track Stare at my characters morphing from eye lightReciprocal waves emitting from the demiurgeShape-shifting forms coverage in our collaborationMother's divine misconception begatA surrogate corporeal stateProsthetic arms strung out against canvasBathed in pudendal lightThe eve of sandwich board judgmentThe dawn of a phantasmagoric self-incepted lensSacred spindle give me lifeBy the eye of collectivus melangeBefore i shuffle off this voice coilWill i connect my actuator nerve?Seems we met before at your insistenceOr maybe fresh-clouded lens light?I know you bear the power of arm retractionHear me out and i. might break through those eyesI need to reallocate my soul bitsVirus latch and live through youYou're an extension of meAfter i reach cylinder zeroAnd a hard error head crash or cause unknownNeuron-actuatorFlesh driveMagnetic pulseIndexing your spineCrystal lens through eyesYou're informing meBehold our conjoined creationI am your thought-relay transducerWhose creating who?After the song fadesI'll take you with meJoined together in silenceWe've been the same the whole timeJust a projection of youCurtains closed 9. Binary Resurrection 07:40 lyrics buy track Her song is so alluringShe serenades with silenceOur collaboration rings in a new fleshTransmigrate this rotted platter into a holy drumFollow me into the new infinityOblivion has an offering and it is my black swanMy only sunMy only daughter tickles your pink canalFrequencies synthesizedMy only son drives the cross into your grey lobeThis black swan breaksThis incessant cycling of mutual exclusivityEither orZero or onePitter patter over a bridge to yesterdayAs the moon danced in her eyesAnd the sky swayedShe uttered some words, but i don't knowShe's only there to prop up and glorify meAnother cog in the wheel of a bit rateThe circuit spawn of our union crawls in our headWorm writhes in my spiral coreBlazing towards the edgeThe edge is the centerAfter is beforeFeel the need to contain my seed and crystallize a thoughtThis tumor earth can't support more weightCarnal blood ripping disk platter into synthesisBi-chrome helix, seashell crackingExposing tendrilsCenter is the edge and the edge is the сеnterAnd we start againSynthesisBlack swanMy children liveGestating in your grey spaceIn your pregnant mind about Originally released via Brutal Bands. Rising Nemesis Records owes now all rights on this release. The full length debut from San Francisco's Anomalous, OHMnivalent represents an unprecedented foray into experimental/progressive technical death metal covering themes of creation, sex, birth, death, rebirth, immortality, chaos, infinity, and the cyclic course of tumultuous change. Nearly an hour of all new material featuring stunning brutality, mind-blowing virtuosity and progressive melody. Featuring the famed "Lord" Marco Pitruzzella on drums. $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released March 15, 2011 license all rights reserved tags Tags death metal metal brutal death metal slamming beatdown slamming brutal death slamming death metal Kleinheubach Shopping cart total USD Check out about Rising Nemesis Records Kleinheubach, Germany 041b061a72


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