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FSX IRIS Flight Simulation Software F15 Eagle V11

to this day, i still rank the f-15 eagle as the best flying aircraft i have ever flown (and even then that is a huge accomplishment for an aviation student like myself), and it is for a number of reasons. the f-15 is the most successful and most important fighter aircraft produced since wwii, having been involved in the most combat operations and being the first to employ certain tactics and techniques. the aircraft was also built for a specific purpose. the f-15 was created with two primary goals: to intercept and destroy enemy planes over and over again while on the ground, and to destroy a bridge in the process. impressive accomplishments indeed!

FSX IRIS Flight Simulation Software F15 Eagle V11

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the f-15 is a demanding aircraft to fly, but with a small twitch of a joystick you can be airborne with the f-15 in minutes. as well, the plane flies itself, so there is no pilot to point things out in a quick turn. one should be aware of his/her surroundings, however, and it's pretty amazing that i went from a perfectly balanced plane to a listing one, and back again in seconds, with no give in the controls and with no outside influence. this adds a level of realism to the f-15 which is also almost impossible to find in any other aircraft. the flight control mechanism is "helmet controlled" which was essentially common in all military aircraft during the '60's and '70's, although it has taken a few decades for the faa to actually allow this feature on airplanes!

to summarize, this is a very detailed and accurate aircraft. the model creators put an extreme amount of time into the components of the aircraft, and it is easy to tell. it is also one of the most unique aircraft add-ons. the video below is of the f-15c and should give you a good idea of how the plane will play out in actual flight.


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