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Urdu Adab Ki Mukhtasir Tareen Tareekh Free Downloadl

Urdu Adab Ki Mukhtasir Tareen Tareekh Free Downloadl >

Urdu Adab Ki Mukhtasar Tareen Tareekh: A Brief History of Urdu Literature

Urdu Adab Ki Mukhtasar Tareen Tareekh is a book written by Dr. Saleem Akhtar, a renowned scholar and critic of Urdu literature. The book is an authoritative and comprehensive account of the history of Urdu literature from its origins to the present day. It covers various aspects of Urdu language and literature, such as poetry, prose, drama, fiction, philosophy, journalism, and literary movements. The book is based on modern research and critical analysis, and provides valuable information and insights to the readers who are interested in Urdu literature.

The book is divided into 14 chapters, each dealing with a specific period or theme of Urdu literature. The first chapter traces the origin and development of Urdu language and its relation to other languages. The second chapter discusses the early forms of Urdu poetry and prose in South India and Deccan. The third chapter focuses on the rise and fall of Urdu in North India, especially in Delhi and Lucknow. The fourth chapter examines the impact of Fort William College and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan on Urdu literature. The fifth chapter explores the genres of marsiya, drama, and novel in Urdu. The sixth chapter evaluates the progressive movement and its influence on Urdu writers. The seventh chapter reviews the modern trends and experiments in Urdu poetry and prose. The eighth chapter deals with the literary criticism and theory in Urdu. The ninth chapter highlights the contribution of women writers to Urdu literature. The tenth chapter surveys the regional variations and diversity of Urdu literature. The eleventh chapter describes the role of Urdu journalism and literary journals in promoting Urdu literature. The twelfth chapter assesses the status and challenges of Urdu literature in Pakistan. The thirteenth chapter analyzes the situation and prospects of Urdu literature in India. The fourteenth chapter summarizes the main features and achievements of Urdu literature.

Urdu Adab Ki Mukhtasar Tareen Tareekh is a concise yet comprehensive book that covers all the major aspects of Urdu literature in a lucid and engaging manner. It is a useful reference book for students, teachers, researchers, and general readers who want to learn more about the history and development of Urdu literature.The 21st century has witnessed some new trends and challenges for Urdu literature. Some of the issues that Urdu writers have faced in this era are globalisation, migration, terrorism, identity crisis, media influence, and linguistic diversity. Some of the writers who have tried to address these issues in their works are Ansar Abbasi, Abu Yahya, Javed Chaudhry, Julien Columeau, Orya Maqbool Jan, Hashim Nadeem, Ali Akbar Natiq, and many others. [^2^] [^3^]

Some of the genres that have gained popularity in Urdu literature in the 21st century are novel, short story, travelogue, biography, memoir, and column. Some of the writers who have excelled in these genres are Umera Ahmed, Mustansar Hussain Tarar, Intizar Husain, Naseem Hijazi, Qurratulain Hyder, Bano Qudsia, Ashfaq Ahmed, Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi, Altaf Fatima, Abdullah Hussain, and many others. Some of the themes that have been explored in these genres are history, culture, religion, politics, society, psychology, and spirituality.

Urdu literature in the 21st century has also witnessed some experiments and innovations in form and style. Some of the writers who have experimented with new forms and styles are Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, Asif Farrukhi, Fahmida Riaz, Kishwar Naheed, Amjad Islam Amjad, Anwar Masood, Zehra Nigah, Iftikhar Arif, and many others. Some of the forms and styles that have been experimented with are metafiction, magical realism, postmodernism, feminism, satire, humour, and ghazal. 061ffe29dd


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