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Custom Robo Battle Revolution (j) Iso ((FULL))

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Custom Robo Battle Revolution (j) Iso ((FULL))

The main feature that separates this game, and all of the other Custom Robo games, from the original Robby is the ability to self-adjust, by bringing up the device's ability screen, from the menu system. This lets you tune the idle speed of your Custom Robo, as well as alter other attributes such as its ability points. This game also has various new features such as customizing parts, changing colors, and even multiplayer battles. In other words, Custom Robo: Revolution is pretty deep in the Custom Robo world.

The Custom Robo series is one of the most fun and entertaining 1-on-1 fight games in my collection. Each game is filled with complex customization options, fighting styles, and intricate storylines full of surprises. I like that Custom Robo Battle Revolution still uses traditional vertical screen play, as it feels like the series has been here forever. Also, this game has one of the most entertaining menu systems I've seen in a fighting game. It even lets you select faces or nicks for your Custom Robo! Gamers can kick, punch, throw, and even jump heavy attacks! Once a fight is on, it's a fast-paced battle that has you coming up with new strategies as your Custom Robo's levels get ever more challenging. d2c66b5586


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