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Matthew Hernandez

M Audio Firewire Solo Driver For Mac Os X

audio interface driverWhat's new in this version:Updated Family Release Driver Now includes ProFire LightBridge. Improved MIDI Performance Fixed a problem where the 1.6-1174 driver uninstaller in 10.4.4 displays error 5370 and does not remove files Fixed a problem with FireWire MIDI output latency time in driver 1.7.1 Fixed "ProjectMix I/O MIDI Application" for upgrading the firmware on the PMIO with driver 1.7.1 Fixed a problem where FireWire Audiophile Analog 1/2 in "link and pans" d...

M Audio Firewire Solo Driver For Mac Os X


Sibelius relies on third party device drivers for many aspects of operation, including screen display, MIDI and audio playback, printing, scanning, and so on. If you intend to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.6, please be sure that your existing hardware is fully supported on Mac OS X 10.6 before you install the upgrade.

On both platforms the audio drivers worked flawlessly down to the smallest buffer size of 64 samples, recording at the maximum resolution of 24-bit and 96kHz sample rate, giving an impressively (almost) negligible 1.5ms of latency. However, where everything worked like a charm in the XP environment, functionality in OS X on the iBook was hindered by a few annoying niggles. Initially, while audio worked without a problem, MIDI communication was notable by its absence; after several launches and quits, attempting to load Cubase or Logic with the Audiophile connected caused the computer to restart.

Initially I suspected a MIDI driver conflict, having recently run into problems on another machine connected to a Digi 002 Rack and Midiman 8x8, where the simultaneous presence of both MIDI drivers in the folder System/Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers stopped the 002 from being available to hosts other than Pro Tools. Simply moving the 002 MIDI driver outside the Drivers folder had allowed Logic and Cubase to use the 002 as an audio interface (without MIDI, of course). An obscure forum posting concerning driver conflicts between Digidesign and Tascam had led me to the above 'solution', and the test machine for this review had Tascam drivers installed, so I tried removing both of the other MIDI drivers in the iBook's driver folder (Emagic's MIDI driver as installed by Logic, and the one for the Tascam US122) and retested.

Like many USB interfaces, the Firewire Audiophile is equipped only with unbalanced audio I/O.Initially I thought I'd cracked it, as removing both these drivers and leaving only the Audiophile MIDI driver allowed the MIDI In and Out to work on the device. Just to make sure, I then put them back expecting the problem to return, which it didn't. So much for my hunch (as Jean de Florette once famously remarked).

You must go to the M-Audio website and download and then install the appropriate driver! When using the guitar input jack on the front panel set your audio track for mono/input 2. Post back and let us know that you've sorted this out or if you need more help. - Emile

Apple dropping on-going development for FireWire devices that were supported with the Core Audio driver standard is a catastrophe for a lot of struggling musicians who need to both keep up to date on security updates that come with new OS releases, and continue to utilise their hard earned investments in very expensive and still pristine audio devices that have been reduced to e-waste by Apple's seemingly tone-deaf ignorance in the cries for on-going support.


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