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Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris

Herbie Fix Fully Loaded(2005)

herbie in this movie can be seen grooming underage cars, destroying the ozone layer with his pitch black emissions, and assaulting several people attempting to put him out of his misery. god damn this little shithead, i hope he gets turned into soda tabs

Herbie Fully Loaded(2005)


Kids may get a kick out of the lovable car revived, but adults will find the trendy NASCAR connection slow going, and the story clunky and mostly unfunny. While the movie is focused on Herbie and Maggie's "relationship" (they learn to have faith in each other, though thankfully, each has a romantic partner -- Maggie likes Kevin and Herbie a yellow bug), it also illustrates the business of NASCAR. That is, it shows how teams need sponsors and features actual logos prominently (Cheetos, Home Depot, Tropicana). 041b061a72


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