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Richard Isaev
Richard Isaev


each component of the car has its own mark. for example, if a warning light is on, then this is labeled with a flag. this is an icon that is received from the car. each warning light will display its own icon. this is the same for the dash. eobd facile apk provides a complete history of all of the warnings. these warnings will be illustrated in a table and the user can click on any of them and view more details.

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this free diagnostic tool can also read the engine time, hours of operation, mileage, etc. -this is the first ever app which gives you real time data for your car such as 0-100% engine rpm - acceleration and braking. -you can view your car's real-time cabin, engine, and transmission temperature, fuel level, horsepower, and engine torque. -you can even check the fuel system (type, primer system, pressure, etc) -you can also check the ecm (to set rpm and timing) and the injectors (to clean them, set them and save the data). -you can also display and save diagnostic codes (dtcs). -this app has a "category" feature (to sort the data), and displays the data with graph and graphs. -compare data from all your cars and your friends and family's vehicles. to learn more, read more details and discover the features in our website: --------------------- more information about our application and on how to use it, read more in our website: --------------------- for more information about our application and obd consult our website: --------------------- to check whether your vehicle is compatible with the e obd/obd2 standard, see our list of compatible vehicles:


Welcome fellow sugar warriors! This group is to try and help...

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