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TrainController™ Gold Version 7.0: The Ultimate Control Program for Model Railroads

TrainControllerâ Gold Version 7.0: The Ultimate Control Program for Model Railroads

TrainControllerâ Gold is a software program that allows you to control your model railroad with your computer. It is compatible with most digital systems and offers a range of features that make model railroad operation easy, realistic and fun. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, TrainControllerâ Gold can help you create and run your dream layout.

Some of the features of TrainControllerâ Gold Version 7.0 are:


  • Automatic calculation of routes and itineraries based on the track diagram[^1^]

  • Block securing and interlocking functions to prevent collisions[^1^]

  • Semi- or fully automatic operation of trains with realistic speed profiles[^1^]

  • Modular building blocks for custom control functions[^1^]

  • More than 170 new features compared to the previous version 5.8[^3^]

TrainControllerâ Gold is the choice of professionals and users with the highest demands, who want to control like the professionals[^2^]. Even the largest model railroad layouts can be efficiently and conveniently controlled and their block and route system can be created in a short time[^2^]. TrainControllerâ Gold is the ultimate control program for model railroads.TrainControllerâ Gold is easy to use and learn. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you enter the data of your layout with simple and powerful editing tools. You can draw your track diagram with the built-in pen function or import it from other programs. You can also use the graphical switchboard editor to create realistic and interactive switchboards for your layout. TrainControllerâ Gold supports a variety of digital systems and devices, such as command stations, decoders, feedback modules, signal boxes, turntable controllers and more. You can connect your computer to your layout via USB, serial or network interfaces.

TrainControllerâ Gold is realistic and fun. It simulates the behavior of real trains with accurate speed profiles, acceleration and braking curves, inertia and momentum. It also allows you to control the sound and lighting effects of your trains and accessories. You can create realistic schedules and timetables for your trains and let them run automatically or manually. You can also use the dispatcher mode to control your trains like a real dispatcher, with signals, switches and track occupancy indicators. TrainControllerâ Gold offers many options to customize your operation according to your preferences and prototypical rules.

TrainControllerâ Gold is reliable and secure. It monitors the status of your layout and protects your trains from accidents. It uses block securing and interlocking functions to prevent collisions and derailments. It also detects errors and malfunctions in your layout and alerts you accordingly. TrainControllerâ Gold can handle complex situations and emergencies with ease. It can also recover from power failures and resume operation smoothly. 29c81ba772

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