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Matthew Hernandez

Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Torent Tpb

All cars become a little more powerful, a little faster. Some of them will become more agile. Your goal is to get experience points and reach the maximum level. The more you play, the more money you will earn. In case you fail, you will not get the money that you have earned. If you want, you can spend your money to buy new cars, tools, cars, parts and equipment, but do not spend too much money - it's better to upgrade your tools first. If you don't have a perfect knowledge of cars, you will fail in some task and the mechanic will lose his chances. So, it is extremely important to learn from your mistakes, get better and learn all the skills that you will need to operate an automotive shop.

Car mechanic simulator 2014 torent tpb

While playing you will learn all the basics of car mechanics. Some know-hows are: how to disassemble cars into parts, how to modify parts, how to adjust the engine, how to make the cars better, how to put a car back to its original appearance, how to make improvements and so on. There are ten chapters available in Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 game. And then you will have to do some tutorial quests in order to learn more basic mechanics. To solve these tasks you will need quite a lot of money and a good tool for automobile repair. Can I say that learning car mechanics is like learning a language? To give you a sense of the mechanics used in the game, we provide you with a quick summary: You have a car body. And you will need to move it to the track in order to have the vehicle available.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2019 torrent download is the simulation of a car mechanic in which you must in order to restore and repair your car. The game was created by Polish creators Red Dot Games, creators of the previous Car Mechanic Simulator. You can download it now and keep the great atmosphere until the last day of 2019.


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