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Mark Mishin
Mark Mishin

Border Roleplay The Grand Crossing Auto Farm

As the political situation changes, so do the requirements at the border crossing. You must quickly peruse all the documents and decide whether to let each person pass. All the while, you must bring in enough money to feed and house your family, and choose between counterrevolutionary behavior and starvation.

Border Roleplay | The Grand Crossing Auto Farm

In the early Western Han, a wealthy salt or iron industrialist, whether a semi-autonomous king or wealthy merchant, could boast funds that rivaled the imperial treasury and amass a peasant workforce of over a thousand. This kept many peasants away from their farms and denied the government a significant portion of its land tax revenue.[346][347] To eliminate the influence of such private entrepreneurs, Emperor Wu nationalized the salt and iron industries in 117 BC and allowed many of the former industrialists to become officials administering the state monopolies.[348][349][350] By Eastern Han times, the central government monopolies were repealed in favor of production by commandery and county administrations, as well as private businessmen.[348][351] 041b061a72


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