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Doug Hawkins
Doug Hawkins

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For mini pies, you need two pie crusts. I usually use a refrigerated pack of two from the grocery store, but you can make a double recipe of my all butter pie crust if you want mini pecan pies from scratch.

Because pecan pie has a custard filling underneath the pecans, yes you need to refrigerate your pecan pie. Cool your freshly-baked pie to room temperature for 2 hours then carefully cover and refrigerate.

Give the muffin pan a little shake. If the pies jiggle a little, but the edges are stable and set, the pies are done! If you shake the pan and the filling is showing a wavy motion from the center to the edge, they are not done.

Second tip, if some of the pecan filling bubbles over the pie crust onto the muffin pan, take a small spatula or butter knife when the pies first come out of the oven and gently loosen it from the pan while the mixture is still warm.

Third tip, after the pies have cooled completely in the muffin pan, use the same small spatula or butter knife and gently go around the outside of each muffin well, helping to loosen the pie. Then use the spatula to pop the pies out.

Today Google was featuring a no corn syrup mini pecan pie. I had missed reading it, googled one myself and found yours. Later the Google recipe popped up, it included flour, corn starch, things I did not want to include. I made these sans crust in a buttered 88 pan w/ toasted pecans. Great little good for you treat w/o added stuff. Thanks!

Chef Billy, Glad to hear your mom is doing fine. You learned from the best. You're lucky you have your mom with you this Christmas season. I will be making these over Christmas. We are heading down to Florida and my husband always buys me a 5 lb bag of pecans. Cheers

Love your mom--her pies look awesome. I'm going to make them gluten free so my daughter can have some. BTW--back in the 90's we spent the weekend in GA with friends who had a huge pecan grove...they let us take all the pecans we could pick up and carry home. I was a crazed woman, could not stop..every pecan was like a quarter on the ground to me, free money. And those pecans were the best. Thankfully my husband loves to shell nuts--go figure. We have a freezer full of black walnuts that were also free for the taking.

I'm glad you're mom's better. I made these this afternoon. The recipe looked so good, I couldn't wait to get started. I had the pie crust ready and realized I was out of pecans! I substituted walnuts and they worked splendidly. Thanks to you and your mom for another great recipe!

These Mini Pecan Pies are yet another entry in our series of Mini Pies recipes. A fun take on a classic, they are a real crowd-pleaser at any event where people might expect a pie (like Thanksgiving, or Christmas or Easter, or just a random Sunday night.) This Pecan version is sweet and crunchy and full of yummy buttery caramel goodness just like a good Pecan Pie should be. We have found these miniature pies to be a hit with our guests because they are small enough that they can eat a couple of different flavors instead of having to pick just one!

Step 4: Add the Corn Syrup, Brown Sugar, Melted Butter, and Vanilla to a medium-sized mixing bowl. Mix until combined.Step 5: In a separate bowl, beat the Eggs. Add the whisked eggs to the pie filling mixture and stir until mixed.Step 6: Add the chopped Pecans to the pie filling. Stir the pecans and the filling until the pecans are covered with the pie filling mixture.

Step 7: Use a 1/4 cup measure cup to fill the mini pie crusts with the pecan pie filling.Step 8: Bake in an oven preheated to 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Allow the pies to cool before removing them from the muffin tin.

When it comes to Thanksgiving pies, I'm a pecan girl. I go nuts for the deliciousness of that sticky and sweet filling chock-full-of pecans and little crispy bits of caramelized sugar. This Thanksgiving I'm out to change the minds of all those pumpkin pie lovers. I'm officially recruiting for "team pec


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