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3 Kingdom Mod APK: One Hit, God Mode, and More

==Description: In AD 225, a long war was happened in China. The commander-in-chief of SHU kingdom named Kong Ming order the first general Zhao Yun to Battle with Nanman Barbarians. Falling stones, rolling logs, poisonous springs, attacks of malaria are everywhere in Nanman. The king of Nanman named Meng Huo is so stronger and crueler than everyone. Can you help Zhao Yun to finish his impossible mission?==How to play:Dragon of the Three Kingdoms (DOTK) is an Action RPG(arcade beatem up). It is very easy to play for anyone. Use the touch control gamepad to move Zhao Yun, and push the SWORD icon button to fight with enemy or pick up items and flags. By collecting a fixed amount of flags, you can push the FLAG/MAGIC icon button to take a full-screen attack. When the green bar in the left up side fulled, you can push the FIRE icon button to launch a special powerful attack. Sometimes the FIRE icon button change into the HORSE icon button, it mean that you could ride the horse or elephant by your side immediately. When you are riding, you become more speedy and powerful.

3 kingdom mod apk

New Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a 3D real-time multiplayer online strategy game that is based on the Koei Tecmo Games smash hit Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI.This title,licensed by Koei Tecmo Games,is built to continue the classic tradition of this Strategy Battle Game masterpiece series,utilizing strategy as its core design principle.Feel the infinite possibilities afforded by ten thousand players battling across more than 1 million map tiles.Recruit Generals,develop your Cities,craft elite Weapons and set up military factions,or team up with other players to pillage and plunder,expanding your collective territory as you vie for the Imperial Throne itself!In this Strategy Battle Game: Recruit the generals in the background of the three kingdoms period to battle and occupy the world.Develop and promote your favorite generals' capacity,and learn about the history of the three kingdoms by participating the plot.Achieve and collect the materials to promote your faithful generals by experiencing the stories.Plundering or being plundered depends on the capacity of the country and soldiers belongs to you,who is a lord and a leader.Gaining the glory and rise to power by battles.Find like-minded friends to organize your own army.Together attack other cities and plunder enemies' manors in order to satisfy your ambitions and achieve your own career which is unmatched.Warlords exploited the situation and began to fight for themselves.A chaotic era began.Are you ready to fight?New Romance of the Three Kingdoms is completely free to play,but some optional in-game items will require payment.By downloading this app on your mobile you are agreeing to our terms of service; must be connected to the Internet to access full game features.Please take care not to play for too long and arrange affairs so as not to foster addictive habits.

From the available resources, you must create new powers. Adding them to the defense towers is more powerful. Monsters will increase as you get stronger. That is why the level of challenge will never stay the same over time. The stronger you are, the stronger you will have to be. That is the criterion that the Idle Tower Kingdom is aiming for. What will you do to be able to manage and protect the kingdom safely from evil monsters?

This game is a kingdom simulator, with a vast kingdom that enjoys all four seasons, has a deep social system, and with people and animals all going about their lives. All the people in the kingdom are controlled by AI, not others online. In Japan, it has installed over 800 thousand. Have fun by downloading the MOD APK of WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom for free, at!

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Rise of Kingdoms APK is a breathtaking strategy game that places participants in the position of the ancient lord. The game is formed in a constant world where players can construct and operate their kingdoms. There are four distinct civilizations, each with unique units and beautiful technologies. THE EGYPTIANS are Powerful, intelligent, strategic, and undoubtedly cultivated, well known for their outstanding craftsmanship. This varies from the incredible pyramids and statues to ingenious weapons and technology. The LilithGames develop this historic game. Lilith has produced several award-winning mobile games. It has brought the joy of gaming to more than 100 million players worldwide.

The game offers a substantial multiplayer online mode in the Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK. Participants can play the role of an ancient ruler seeking to construct a thriving kingdom. The most significant feature is real-time combat that hits participants against each other in the compelling contests of this strategy game. The players analyze their powers and capabilities to achieve a benefit over their rivals.

Defend the kingdom from attacks from monsters in the game Smash Kingdom. According to the gameplay, the city defense action is played out. You hold the key decisions in making strategy. As well as lead mercenary units to fight. The content of the game is played according to an interesting storyline. Based on that perform the task of destroying the space gate to cut off the path that monsters pass through. Besides, the game is also combined with billiard physics mechanics. You will go through it to perform attack action to destroy monsters. To increase the attractiveness, when participating there are many unique features. From two-themed game modes to diverse mercenary characters.


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