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Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly

Juicy J Stay Trippy Deluxe Album Download Zip [BETTER]

Luke Nurdans collage-y, beat-driven instrumental music makes it's way into our ears with an almost tropical sensibility. This aesthetic drew him to India, where he spent three months producing and recording for 7 Days of Siren, his self-released debut album. He says the experience allowed him to get to know local musicians and get a sense of the vibe of India, creating an album that, despite it's broad palette, feels distinctly Indian. [Download here.]

juicy j stay trippy deluxe album download zip

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All these songs are from a only LP released in 2014, In the Blood. But that record would have been a joy no matter when it was released. On it, Canadian rapper Listen To Me (aka Listen To Me), the 24-year-old son of the late Run DMC, not only works through the chestnuts of the genre (anthemic singalong, pit-stomping bass and thigh-slapping hooks), he also manages to sing in an increasingly familiar and uncanny manner, sounding like both an extended younger version of the late Run (especially on album opener Finally) and his older siblings, the D.C.-based Dirty Twang and the late D.C. rapper Rick Ross . Now the only untimely kid left in the family, Listen To Me seems to be reverting back to a more family-oriented work while he deals with his parents deaths. He does this in only marginally more detail than another rapper younger than him, young Shaquille ONeal. Oneals 24-track no chaser Da Corner depicts Shaqs first and only hugely successful LA-based basketball shoe line under a more downtempo, lighthearted arrangement. Oneals easygoing flow, thick and easygoing soul and trap beats only further undercut the trippy, trippy and trippy theme of his first mixtape, Free Coffee, which had a freestyle over Twos favorite can of Taco Bell . Oneal, however, is no rapper-rapper. He is a basketball rapper-rapper who plays a good sound, and hopefully is crafting his own space in this increasingly stratified industry.


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