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Celine Dion-Love Doesn't Ask Why With Lyrics

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As opposed to the so-called \"British invasion\" of the 1960s and subsequent decades, one doesn't often hear about Canadian music, specifically. In the U.S. there is a Bloomington, Ind.-based record label called Secretly Canadian. Could the name be an homage to our talented neighbors to the north And with our cultures so close in proximity to each other, did you even know the following artists were from Canada

Her genres span from punk to folk. Not content to stick to one genre, Feist often performs with Canadian \"supergroup\" Broken Social Scene, a Toronto-based, 19-member group, most of whom also have their own bands. And on Aug. 11, she'll perform on Sesame Street's 39th season premiere, where she'll tweak the lyrics of \"1234\" for her younger audience. \"One, two, three, four, monsters walking across the floor,\" is a preview of what you can expect from that performance.

Young moved to California in the mid-60s, where he formed the short-lived band Buffalo Springfield, before settling into a solo and group career with Crazy Horse and David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. With songs, such as \"Ohio,\" \"Southern Man\" and \"Alabama,\" Young proves that, although he may be Canadian, American culture informs many of his lyrics. In a 2005 interview with Time magazine, Young said, \"I guess I could be a dual citizen, but if I ever had to give up my Canadian citizenship to become American, I wouldn't do it, because I wouldn't want to hurt Canada. I love Canada. As I get older, more and more I start singing about Canada.\" 59ce067264


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