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Sugar Warrior Challenge 🚫🍫

Public·167 Sugar Warrior

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Meanwhile, Leela prepares to leave the village, but Rasila arrives to find that Kesar has taken refuge with her. One day, Dhankor Baa and her men make their way into Meghji's house and set it on fire, before taking off with Meghji's grandson. Rasila is summoned to the hospital to identify the body given that Ram has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Rasila learns that Naren Raj's mother is still alive and comes to the settlement. Ram does not recognise him, but does identify Naren Raj at the funeral. Naren is upset that Leela has stayed and ties her up, but is thwarted in his efforts by the other Rajadis.

Only Kanji, Kesar and Rasila are aware of Leela's condition and that Naren Raj is none other than their grandson. Rasila sets about finding a way to help Leela escape. Kesar and Rasila give Meghji's medicine to Naren Raj to take back to Leela. Later, Meghji's widow and her son arrive, and she goes down to the water well to fetch water. She is accosted by Dhankor Baa's men, who take her to a barn and force her to perform oral sex on them. When she tries to escape, Kesar is shot dead and Dhankor Baa finds out about the affair between Leela and Kanji. Dhankor Baa chastises Naren Raj and forces him to cut off his finger, which he does. She later kills Meghji's wife and goes to rescue Leela, who is helped by Naren Raj. On their way back, Leela is accosted by the Rajadis and is forced to marry and consummate the marriage, while Kanji dies. When they make their way out of the settlement, Kanji's kin reveal that he had already left the village as Dhankor Baa's men had caught him trying to leave. The group arrive at the temple after killing the Rajadis. Later, Bhavani and Naren Raj return and they are both killed. d2c66b5586


Welcome fellow sugar warriors! This group is to try and help...

Sugar Warrior

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    Center Buell
  • thanh tran
    thanh tran
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    kostenlos klingelton
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