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Hardcore is a 1979 American neo-noir crime-drama film[1] written and directed by Paul Schrader and starring George C. Scott, Peter Boyle, Ilah Davis and Season Hubley. The story concerns a father (Scott) searching for his daughter (Davis), who has vanished only to appear in a pornographic film. Schrader had previously written the screenplay for Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, and both films share a theme of exploring an unseen subculture.

After Van Dorn views the film, he suspects that his daughter was kidnapped and persuaded to join California's porn underworld. His quest to rescue her takes him on an odyssey through this sleazy adult subculture.

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I don't remember discovering the magazines. I just always knew that they were there, stacked neatly on wooden shelves, between musty academic journals and the notes for my father's dissertation, Common School Reform: Connecticut, 1838-1854. My parents never told me that looking through the magazines was naughty. (That I learned from my friends and teachers and the billboards around Cincinnati that, no joke, exclaimed, "Real men don't use porn.") In fact, they seemed to be amused by my interest. Once, when I was six or seven and particularly obsessed with an issue of Penthouse, I clipped out the subscription form on the back cover and attempted to fill it out.

I can imagine that an anti-porn militant could see the previous paragraph as proof that porn corrupts. I can imagine it being read aloud at a book-burning or a congressional hearing followed by gasps and invective. The people who hate porn-and that can include both feminists like Andrea Dworkin and leaders of the religious right like Jerry Falwell-see it as the ultimate bad example. According to them, by consuming images of wanting ladies or stories about boys in bondage or movies about easy cheerleaders, we become rapists, pederasts, adulterers, serial killers, or a combination thereof.

Abstract: Through a reading of the film American Beauty, this article explains how the structure of father-daughter incest, working through displacement, has provided a narrative that links a series of recent cultural developments: the sexualization of ever-younger girls, cinema's erasure of mothers and of career women as sympathetic figures, and efforts to remasculinize the middle-aged white male.

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