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Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - Power Of Chaos UPD

Chaos is the source of life itself, and a living thing that doesn't have chaos will wither and die. However, when something that is infused with the power of chaos touches a living thing that is not, the former's chaos will spread into the latter's body and mind, restoring them to full health. The power of chaos is never the same for two people. For example, Yuma's chaos drives his "kattobingu" spirit, while Vector's chaos turned him into a maniac.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - Power of Chaos

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Xyz Monsters can become infused with chaos in a process known as Chaos Xyz Evolution, which is typically used by Barians; the result is a powerful "C" monster. "C" monsters are divided into two groups: "Number C" monsters, which are upgraded versions of "Number" monsters, and "CXyz" monsters, which are upgraded versions of non-"Number" Xyz Monsters. In extremely rare cases, "C" monsters can be upgraded further into even more powerful "iC" (Chaos Imaginary) monsters. However, only one "iC" monster is known to exist: "Number iC1000: Numeronius Numeronia".

The Signer Dragons are gods which govern all of creation . Red Demons Dragon is stated to have "creation shaking power ". Shooting Quasar can shoot the blast which created the universe . Delta Accel gives one infinite power to pierce time and space . The Delta Accel created a black hole which was going to destroy the space Bruno and Yusei were in which contains countless stars and red shift nebulae Malefic Stardust Dragon is beyond time and space . Rex Goodwin threatened to destroy the world . Ultimate God Ultimaya Tzolkin is the origin and apex of everything, whose source of strength is that of the dimension of chaos .

Numeron dragon created an endless universe and is stated to be the key to the creation of the universe via using and is powered by the Numeron Code, which lets you rewrite past, present, and future . Don Thousand possesses the power of Numeron Code and used it to fuse the Human World, Barian World, and Astral World into one which requires enough energy to destroy the Astral World . Astral with his true power, after absorbing all of the numbers, can destroy the Barian World Don Thousand was going to destroy the Astral World in his duel with Yuma and Astral and Shark with Don Thousand's power was fusing the Barian World and Astral World just by existing , and their collision was going to destroy the Astral World. Number 96 tamed the power of chaos , and with it stated he surpassed Astral and the power of all of creation and was destroying every thing . Number 96's power was affecting the Barian and Astral Worlds and stated he was going to obliterate the Astral World without a trace of it remaining and erase everything . Don Thousand utilizes the power of Chaos which forms and expands the Barian World and is infinite. In Numeron Chaos Gate Shunya's chant, its stated that chaos will destroy the order of everything and become Darkness The Numeron Code contains and created everything, including past, present and future and can rewrite all of history . The Number Cards have the power to destroy the Human and Astral World . The Anti-Hope God of Despair is stated to be the incarnation of despair that governs all darkness and chaos. It steals all hope E'riah is the shadow that hope produces, She is the deity of Destruction that is born from the shadow that light produces and implied she can destroy all worlds and hopes . She planned to destroy the Astral World. The stronger the light the deeper her darkness. ZEXAL contains the true power of the four elements and the life of everything, and is formed by the true bonds between people and their souls and one shotted E'rah by using the boundless power of hope.The Astral World is born from the hopes and ideals of humanity to raise it above the chaos of reality where souls reside on a higher plane of existence and is in a higher dimension than the human universe. The Astral World is formed and supported by the Four Elements The Astral World is referred to as another universe and is formed by all of the souls of the universe that desired a rank-up. The Barian world is formed by the chaos which once existed in the Astral World, created after it was expunged from the Astral World however the power of chaos maintained the existence of the Astral World , and once Chaos was removed from it , it was weakened . The power of chaos contains the feelings and desire to protect someone else and is the source of all original lives and survival . The Astral World and Barian used to be one and the same The Astral World and Barian World are Parallel Worlds and they're shown to contain countless nebulae, galaxies, and stars. Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis is stated as capable of shattering the space-time continuum and could engrave its existence of all of creation. Chaos Dyson Sphere is a star that covers all of heaven and carries all of creation. Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon's roar can pierce the universe. 041b061a72


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