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Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris

Evanescence - Farther Away (Live)

My interpretation is that the woman in the song is in love with an unavailable man, and she seduces him (I took their smiles and I made them mine), but doesn't act on it. Neither of them do. She pines after him, near him in physical proximity, but unable to really "be" with him, and he pulls away in order to stay faithful to his current relationship (farther away). She realizes she the wrong in her thoughts, lying to herself and others of her feelings, wishing to steal the object of her affection from the people in his life, and a whore, an a adulteress. Although she hasn't acted on anything, she still feels guilty of the thoughts she's having.

Evanescence - Farther Away (Live)

I think this song is about how Amy (or the girl in the song) has realised what a terrible person she is for the bad things she's done and how she is a "thief, a whore and a liar". She loves this man but he ignores her and she would try to change for him, but each time she reaches out to him, he's "farther away". So she tries to forget about him but she realises she can't live without him ("I can't breathe").

I think it's about how she knows she's been doing some wrongs in her life"I took their smiles and I made them minei sold my soul just to hide the lightand now I see what I really ama theif a whore and a liar"and how she's coming to this guy she loves, but he doesn't love her back because of all she's done. And everytime she does something wrong, he moves "farther away" from her. 041b061a72


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