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Misfits - Season 5

Misfits - Season 5 ->>->>->>

Misfits - Season 5

Simon, Kelly, Alisha and Curtis acquired new powers following their encounter with Seth; Simon can glimpse into the future, Kelly has complete knowledge of rocket science and mechanical systems, Alisha has a form of clairvoyance which allows her to see through the eyes of others and Curtis can change into a woman at will. Nathan is absent, having gone to Las Vegas in the hope that his new ability of magic will make him a millionaire. A young man on community service named Rudy, with the ability to split himself into two separate people based on the different aspects of his personality, meets the gang when he upsets a woman, causing her to use her power to freeze people within proximity in order to wreak havoc on Rudy. Rudy's actions accidentally put Simon, Kelly, Alisha and Curtis back into community service. Major subplots include Simon and Alisha's relationship, Simon's progressive transformation into his 'future self', Rudy's womanising and philandering, Curtis's experimentation as a female, Kelly's infatuation and eventual relationship with Seth, and Seth's obsessive search for a mysterious power. Additional minor plots include Simon being manipulated by a cartoonist with a time altering power and Alisha then pushing him to not become "the man in the mask". Someone with a time travel power fails to kill Hitler, resulting in the Nazis winning World War II, causing an alternate time stream where the misfits are a band of rebels. Rudy contracts a superpower made STD in the confusion of a club, going on a hunt to find the person responsible.

Misfits began airing in the US on Logo TV on 19 July 2012.[23] On 29 October 2012, Misfits started airing exclusively on Hulu for its American audience, immediately following the UK broadcast.[24] The Italian webseries "Freaks!" (the second season of which was also broadcast on television) has partially been inspired by Misfits; this is apparent in some episodes in which Misfits is quoted (there is also a scene set in England with actors dressed with community service suits).[citation needed]

Adventuring Party (Season 5) is a series of pre-recorded talk-back episodes that aired following several episodes of Misfits and Magic. New episodes are released on Dropout every Thursday at 7pm Eastern. Episodes this season were pre-recorded after each episode was filmed, so unlike previous seasons, question submissions from fans were closed.

Each Adventuring Party episode features the Dimension 20 cast as they talk about the events of the most recent episode, their experiences during that session, any unique challenges or situations they encountered. This season also features a bonus episode featuring the crew as guests as they talk about the show's production process.

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The first four seasons are all available too. For now. Until they announce a US remake and then all the original episodes will have to be removed to avoid "confusion in the market". If you like good superfiction, you don't mind some creative swearing, and a


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