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Richard Isaev
Richard Isaev

Door Kickers: Action Squad for PC [Portable]: A Side-Scroller Game with SWAT Troopers and Zombies

diner dash ($9.99) [ review ] [ forum thread ] while not as mobile focused as other games in the genre, my game collection only included one of them and i found its ui and controls to be really simple. in diner dash, you build out your diner by choosing from a set of options. you can build the food, table, menu, decorations, and designs. you have to put things together in order to perform tasks, but doing so in the right places to make sure you can perform them in the correct order is where your skills will come in. -mm

Door Kickers: Action Squad download for pc [portable]


before we dive into that though, i need to talk about this weeks release from nexon. as everyone knows nexon has lately been going through quite a bit of turmoil. their most recent entrance into mobile gaming was an absolute disaster. nexon tried their hand at quite the ambitious anime style game with shin megami tensei: strange journey redux but it just didnt quite pan out. now, nexons latest game in the megaten series, shin megami tensei: strange journey is getting an official remake for mobile, but it hasnt gone particularly well. not only were the original pocket edition of strange journey a financial disaster for the japanese studio, but the mobile version hasnt been met with any love. mobile hasnt been the greatest place for strange journey and its overall setting isnt one that appeals to most console players. what they really need to do is find a competent adult voice talent to re-record the entire game again but theres no guarantees they will do this. -jn

assassin's creed: origin story (free) [ game of the week ] [ forum thread ] though much of destiny 2 is of course familiar to me having played it, its been several years since ive last played with a new ac game. hence, i wasnt exactly sure what to expect. assassin's creed: origins isnt the deepest gaming experience in the series, but it is certainly a good one. the story of origins is rather simple, which is perfect for its format. but then, why would you want a backstory for your assassin? the gameplay in itself is also solid, and the design of the free to play aspect isnt anything new, but its a solid entry to the franchise. i cant really complain about the open world parts of origins either, and the game seems to run rather well on my iphone 6. -jn


Welcome fellow sugar warriors! This group is to try and help...

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