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Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly

Far Cry 3 Ziggy's Mod: A Complete Guide to the Best Mod for the Game

illumination released a teaser trailer for the grinch earlier this month, and it samed to us as a the perfect christmas song from the official christmas movie. the grinch, starring jim carrey as the mean-spirited dr. seuss heartthrob and justin timberlake as the adorable cindy lou who, hits theaters on december 25.

far cry 3 ziggys mod cracked

posters to snapchat arent going away, despite the recent ban that gives users 1 extra day to delete them. over the last two weeks, the platform has added several new features, from a now-removed ability to scan the qr codes on snapchat posts to discovering the cities users live in. as the restrictions bite, snapchat users are still pretty in love with the feature. one interesting discovery: snapchat has a page on how its users are choosing to commit suicide .

usa today s retailers reporter, sarah warnock, tells us that the national retail federation is planning to host a series of educational webinars for retailers on how to promote vegan sales . according to the nrf, the first session will be oct. 12, at 2:00 pm edt, in new york city. at the moment, vegan companies are the fastest growing category in the u.s., and may actually provide the biggest sales lift if the trend continues. the webinar will provide retailers with strategies for selling their products to consumers who are interested in the environment, animal welfare and healthy living. it will also cover company branding, supply chain, in-store point of purchase, e-commerce, research, ethics and liability.

after spending almost two years working on ziggy stardust, bowie was paranoid, exhausted, and unfit. ziggy stardust was his magnum opus, the best thing he ever did, the most difficult, but the most rewarding. he wanted to get away from that whole business, but that was what gave it all the sparkle. and now he was tired of it.


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