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Miles Kelly

Mount And Blade Warband Knight Build

Since armor will slow you down much less when mounted, you should aim for the best armor in heavy cavalry builds: Plate Armor, Iron Greaves/Plate Boots, Plate Gauntlets and a Winged Great Helmet, which requires 10 STR. You can get by with 9 STR if you drop the Great Helmet, and with 8 STR if you settle for Mail Boots and a Coat of Plates or one of the Elite Armors (Khergit, Sarranid, or Vaegir) which will also let you keep some of your mobility on foot. In any case, you are well advised to invest heavily in athletics unless you don't care about being slowed down to a crawl when dismounted.

Mount And Blade Warband Knight Build

This is pretty much the one and only build for infantry crossbowmen. It works in the early game and without any investment in combat skills, which makes it a good choice for companions in support roles. The shield should be as large as possible to provide protection while reloading (it does not need to be particularly strong, though). Mounted crossbowmen are an especially poor choice in the late game because they are limited to Light Crossbows (unless they dismount to reload) and don't have a skill to boost their damage. It should also only be considered for companions in support roles (the horse helps them keep out of trouble).

This is the most offensive option as it allows you to disrupt the enemy archers and infantry and deal horrendous damage, or snipe enemy knights before the charge command while keeping you alive even if you get surrounded. This build requires quite a bit of investment and levels for full use. It requires heavy armor and a heavy horse. For the spear, the cheaper version is the balanced light spear, and the best is the balanced long awlpike. While it cannot be couched like a lance, the spear benefits greatly from speed damage bonuses, making it easy to take out even heavy troops with one blow as long as there is some speed bonus. Its range makes it an adequate tool for dueling with enemy cavalry, though it is best used against enemy archers. The infantry shield (like a Heavy Board Shield) and the armor absorb any fire from the back 180 (with a 5 in shield), giving you much greater survivability against enemy crossbows and thrown weapons on the field and in sieges. The one handed Heavy Morningstar is best if dismounted, as it allows use of Shield, breaks through blocks, and deals decent damage. Add a 5 in riding to outrace enemy heavy Cavalry, and a 5 in Athletics to have a decent retreating move speed in the armor, and it becomes very difficult to kill you, even if you are dismounted or attacking in a siege. This usually nets you 20 to 50% of all enemies killed as your EXP, but carries a risk of a lucky shot taking you out if you are not paying attention to all the enemies in the front 180. The build assumes a high power attack skill as well.

Note that the strength requirements of equipment applies to your order troops: items that your Order troops are unable to equip due to strength or skill requirements will not appear in the equipment selection screen until they meet the requirements. For instance, knights start with 18 strength, which means that gear you'll want to put them in - Knighthood order armors, Noldor equipment, and heavy weapons like the Ancient Rune Axe - will not be visible in your upgrade screen until your knights' strength stat equals the equipment's stat requirement. Likewise, your sergeants start with 0 riding skill, so they cannot be equipped with a mount until training improves that stat. Furthermore, there are unlockable items that have special requirements that must be satisfied to unlock them for your CKO.

Leadership knight in my guide is not the build for either of the two source hunters but is the build for Madora (thus "Madora Leadership Knight"). Are you using Madora or a Source Hunter for this build? If you are using one of your Source Hunters you will gain the immunity via traits... If you are not, the immunity to fear has to come from either A) Gear or B) someone else in the party with level 5 leadership

The Voulgier is a strong two-handed unit that wields its powerful namesake: the Voulge. This polearm is both a spear and a close-range axe, which can cut through multiple enemies at once and quickly dismount knights and other cavalry units. These units are heavy hitters and make a strong front line or work as shock troops.

Another one of the best DPS Dragonkight builds, stamina Dragonknights put out great DPS to solo targets with many heavy-hitting DOTs. They also use a range of damaging AOE abilities, helping clear trash fights quickly.

This is our top pick for the best Dragonknight tank build. Stamina Dragonknights are often considered the best tanks in ESO, and for good reason. Dragonknights provide great buffs for their team while maintaining nearly unkillable stats. This makes them great contenders for any veteran dungeon or trial group. Some argue that necromancers have taken the throne, but a group without a Dragonknight tank just feels less effective.

As a MagDK, you can deal huge amounts of AOE burst damage and stack DOTs on top burn down enemies quickly. This build focuses on dealing high AOE damage, trading out some staple single-target skills like Burning Embers. Destructive Clench should be cast every four seconds to keep up the 600 spell damage that Destructive Impact set gives. This also deals great AOE damage when used with a lightning staff, further playing into an AOE-focused build.

Stamina Dragonknights excel in PvP with great mobility, damage, and tankiness. StamDKs are excellent brawlers, and do very well in 1v1 scenarios as well as 1vX. This build focuses on a mix of dueling and group scenario fights.

While there are a few pretenders to the throne, nothing is quite like the first-person knight combat game that started it all, except for its sequel Chivalry 2. Clash blades with foes on huge battlefields, fire arrows from the relative safety of the castle walls, or knock down enemy fortifications with catapults and other siege technology. There is a wide range of customisable options for your knight, as well as over ten subclasses and 30 unique weapons.

There is a plethora of leaders in this warband and choosing the right one can be difficult. The key is mostly checking which ability you are more likely to use. A Chaos Sorcerer Lord could be a good option as a support hero, a Darkoath Warqueen can guarantee damage and a good ability, one single mounted hero can guarantee coverage and extra damage, but all have a cost associated and you will most likely not be able to field more than one.

Admittedly, this is really not an optimal warband from a tactical perspective. What it does do is let you build a warband with just what you get in the Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness box, which has some of the best model designs for the Slaves to Darkness available.


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