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Ibm Thinkpad T42 Video Controller Driver For Mac

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Ibm Thinkpad T42 Video Controller Driver For Mac

Clevo W253EU branded TurboX (Europe) - Wifi Broadcom 415 is working, using standard acpi_video brightness keys are working, sound i915 runs well, native X touchpad works except scrolling. For touchpad scrolling to work use moused instead of X driver.

You may have a system where none of above works. At that point youeither invent another ugly hack that works, or write proper driver foryour video card (good luck getting docs :-(). Maybe suspending from X(proper X, knowing your hardware, not XF68_FBcon) might have betterchance of working.

The original CS/C/CSD/CD all came with a Cyrix Cx486DX4 running at 75 MHz which had a integrated math co-processor and 8 KB of L1 cache. 8 MB of standard RAM was included, and was up-gradable to 24 MB maximum with an 72-pin SIMM. All models had a Chips & Technologies 65545 video controller, with the CS having 512 KB of DRAM and the other models having 1 MB. The CS/CSD had a 10.4" DSTN display that supported 256 colors, while the C/CD had a 10.4" TFT display that supported 262,144 colors, and both had 640x480 max resolution. A 340 MB or 540 MB hard disk drive was available depending on the model. The hard drive could also be easily upgraded, having a standard EIDE connector on the motherboard, rather than a proprietary connector the previous 360 series had. For the CS/C a 1.44 MB floppy disk drive was installed, and the CSD/CD had a 2x CD-ROM drive with an external floppy disk drive port.

The 365X/XD were released at the same time as the E/ED but had significant changes. The processor was switched to a Intel Pentium P54C running at a base speed of 100 MHz. RAM type was changed from fast page to EDO with a maximum size of 40 MB with a 144-pin SIMM. The bus was changed to PCI from VL, which offered more bandwidth. Hard drive size was increased from 540 MB up to 1.35 GB, and the BIOS was changed from a Phoenix BIOS to an IBM-made BIOS. The same 10.4" DSTN or TFT display was available or an 11.3" DSTN for the XD, and all supported 800x600 resolution with a Trident Cyber9320 video controller that has 1 MB of DRAM. Other than these changes, the X/XD were largely the same to the previous models.

Advisory: if you purchase ArcaOS, a lot of these legacy-based issues with OS/2 Warp 4.52 are mostly mitigated and also allows you to install the OS from a single USB stick. Another big thing is that ArcaOS allows OS/2 to run on Intel-based T43s via the panorama video driver. Obviously it won't be as good as a more capable ATI GPU with SciTech SNAP, but at least it's now an option--and you won't have to deal with the potential problem of desoldering ATI GPUs. 076b4e4f54


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