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Geotide Analyzer [HOT]

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How to use GeoTide Analyzer to perform harmonic tidal analysis

GeoTide Analyzer is a software tool that allows you to convert tide gauge data into harmonic constants, which can then be used to predict the tide for any location and time. Harmonic tidal analysis is a technique that decomposes the observed tide into a series of sinusoidal components, each with a specific frequency, amplitude and phase. These components represent the effects of various astronomical and meteorological factors that influence the tide.

In this article, we will show you how to use GeoTide Analyzer to perform harmonic tidal analysis in a few simple steps.

Import your tide gauge data. GeoTide Analyzer supports comma delimited and fixed space ASCII formats. You can also import data from a text editor or a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.

Edit and filter your data. GeoTide Analyzer provides a graphical data editor that allows you to scroll, zoom, edit, delete, filter, average and resample your data. You can also remove spikes and erroneous points that may affect the quality of the analysis.

Select your tidal scheme. GeoTide Analyzer offers several options for choosing the number and type of harmonic constants to be found. You can select from predefined schemes that are compatible with UKHO Simplified Method, UKHO TotalTide Program and NOAA Tidal Constituents set. You can also create your own custom scheme by specifying which tidal components to include.

Run the analysis. GeoTide Analyzer will calculate the values of the harmonic constants from your tide gauge data using a least-squares method. The analysis process is fast, taking less than one minute for over a million points.

View the results. GeoTide Analyzer will display the results of the analysis in a table format, showing the name, frequency, amplitude and phase of each harmonic constant. You can also view the graphical representation of the observed and predicted tide, as well as the residual error. GeoTide Analyzer can also calculate the tidal levels (e.g LAT and HAT) from the harmonic constants.

Export the results. GeoTide Analyzer allows you to export the harmonic constants to a file that can be used by GeoTide Predictor, a software tool that enables you to produce document ready tide tables. You can also export the results to other formats such as CSV or XML.

GeoTide Analyzer is a powerful and user-friendly software tool that enables you to perform harmonic tidal analysis with ease and accuracy. It is designed for professional hydrographers and tidal surveyors who need reliable and consistent tidal predictions for their projects. To learn more about GeoTide Analyzer and its features, please visit

In this section, we will show you how to use GeoTide Predictor to produce tide tables from the harmonic constants generated by GeoTide Analyzer. Tide tables are useful for planning and executing various maritime activities, such as navigation, fishing, recreation and coastal engineering.

Import your harmonic constants file. GeoTide Predictor supports the file format created by GeoTide Analyzer. You can also import harmonic constants from other sources, such as UKHO or NOAA.

Select your prediction parameters. GeoTide Predictor allows you to specify the location, time zone, date range and interval for your tidal predictions. You can also choose the output units and datum for your tide tables.

Run the prediction. GeoTide Predictor will use the harmonic constants to calculate the predicted tide height and/or stream for each time step in your selected date range. The prediction process is fast and accurate, taking into account the effects of nodal corrections and leap seconds.

View the results. GeoTide Predictor will display the results of the prediction in a table format, showing the date, time and tide height and/or stream for each time step. You can also view the graphical representation of the predicted tide curve, as well as the tidal extremes (e.g H


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