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[S1E13] Double Crossed: Part 3 NEW!

Somehow, the soldiers have gotten ahead of Naofumi's party and are searching the area ahead of them. Walking along a narrow ledge, the group tries to sneak past the patrols but after finding more soldiers ahead of them, they are forced to double-back. As they backtrack, however, Melty steps on a loose rock, which gives out under her.

[S1E13] Double Crossed: Part 3


Looking out a window, Hiro also wonders who he is. In contrast, he says that he always thought about it. He was in the Garden for as far back as he could remember. They lived there to become parasites who would fight for Papa and the others. All children were referred to by their code numbers. The lower the number, the higher the child's potential as a parasite. The double-digits up to 099, especially the teens in particular, were given special treatment. Hiro was one of them, and he was told he was special, unlike everyone else. When Hiro tosses a ball, it rolls into Ichigo's feet. She sits crying and doesn't look up. Ichigo wonders if she's strange since everyone else has stopped showing emotion, though she continues to cry and says she wants to be like everyone else. She asks if she should get more injections. Hiro says that their codes are in the teens, so they were different from the others to begin with. She says she doesn't want that and being different is scary. Hiro sits beside her and asks if she wants a name since he gave himself one. He says his name and says she'll feel better if she has a name like him, so he names her "Ichigo." She asks why Ichigo and he says it was what came to mind when he thought of her number. He says that having a name makes it feel okay to be different. She is amazed and asks if he can name the others. He begins naming the other children, including Mitsuru, who was happy to receive his name. The other children are happy to get names. Two adults enter and say that they can't change their designation without permission. Hiro politely asks what the problem is. The adults realize he's one of the teens and simply tells him not to just do as he pleases before leaving. Hiro thinks that they never answered his questions and the other children never asked any. 041b061a72


Welcome fellow sugar warriors! This group is to try and help...
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