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Richard Isaev
Richard Isaev

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The BH2000.exe will call two target: + the Bh.exe is the main menu+ the beachhead15.exe (256 colors) and beachhead16.exe (16bit colors) is the campaign mode. If click on those file and run directly, it start in windowed mode already (!!!) but stuck in top left of screen. Regardless, I can see why Dxwnd had a trouble to hook a game that calling multiple target.

download beach head desert war crack all level

Yes, I noticed that. I believe that beachhead15/16.exe don't start in windowed mode, but simply it expects that the screen mode was already set by its father BH2000.exe or brother Bh.exe.By the way, Avast found beachhead15.exe (and not beachhead16.exe) infected by malware gen on Win7 and not on Win10. Likely it is a false positive, but I'm just telling you.

The problem with this game is its splitted logic: if you check the running processes or simply look at the calls within each module, Iyou can see the folllowing:- bh2000.exe is an invisible and mute frontend. Its purpose is to run, in turn either BH.exe or one of the twin programs beachhead\beachhead15.exe or beachhead\beachhead16.exe- bh.exe is the program that show the game main menu and some intro stuff, options and everything is NOT 3D. It also checks the video modes and sets a 640x480 resolution with either 15 or 16 BPP color depth. When it terminates, it tells its father bh2000.exe the chosen action through the exit code- beachhead15.exe and beachhead16.exe are the actual 3D gun engines for 15BPP and 16BPP video modes respectively.

So, the current situation is that I got a valid DxWnd configuration for bh2000.exe and beachhead\beachhead16.exe, so that I can separately run a useless menu and a new game. All these configurations, though, require DLL injection.To make the whole stuff working there is the need to hook the invisible bh2000.exe and make it propagate the DLL injection to its son, a thing that in theory should work, but so far the hooked bh2000.exe refuses to work.

BH2002 run even more comfortably. The BH2 window is centered on the screen, definitely a step up from beachhead16 window. But HELL, that super "annoying" BH2002.exe and bh2.ews is very CPU-hungry that getting usage 100% all the time!!! I feel sad for my PC, it is so slow like a turtle.

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You are that chicken, in a game that is a demented mash-up of Flappy Bird, procedurally generated maze-like levels, shooty action, coin collection, and an awful lot of headbutting evil critters into oblivion.

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As marked on this 1944 photo of the mouth ofthe Río Maullín, Chile, the 1960 Chileantsunami flowed 2 miles inland from thebeach at right foreground. In much of thisflooded area, the tsunami reached a heightof 15 feet above sea level. After being sweptup by the tsunami, Nelly Gallardo floated ona log and Armanda Cubate floated on a roofuntil the next morning (see far right inphoto). They survived the tsunami, but 15other people near them died.


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