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Natalie 3D 2010 1080p BluRay HalfSBS DTS X264CHD3D Public3D

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Natalie 3D 2010 1080p BluRay HalfSBS DTS X264CHD3D Public3D


Natalie 3D: A Korean Erotic Thriller in High Definition

Natalie 3D is a 2010 South Korean erotic thriller film directed by Joo Kyeong-joong and starring Lee Sung-jae, Park Hyun-jin and Kim Ji-hoon. The film follows a webtoon artist who becomes obsessed with his muse, a mysterious woman named Natalie, who may or may not be real.

The film was released in 3D format and features stunning visuals and cinematography. It was also one of the first Korean films to use the HalfSBS (Half Side-by-Side) technique, which allows for a full resolution 3D image on a 2D screen. The film's BluRay release boasts a 1080p resolution and a DTS sound system, enhancing the immersive experience of the film.

Natalie 3D is available for download from Public3D, a torrent site that specializes in 3D movies. The file name is Natalie.3D.2010.1080p.BluRay.HalfSBS.DTS.X264CHD3D.Public3D.mkv and has a size of 8.74 GB. The file also includes English subtitles for non-Korean speakers.

If you are looking for a thrilling and sensual movie with stunning 3D effects, Natalie 3D is a must-watch. Download it today from Public3D and enjoy the ride.



Natalie 3D is not only a film, but also a webtoon series created by the protagonist, Min-woo. The webtoon is based on his memories and fantasies of Natalie, whom he met 10 years ago at an art school. Natalie was a beautiful and mysterious model who posed for Min-woo's paintings. She also had a dark secret that Min-woo never discovered.

The webtoon becomes a huge success and attracts the attention of a journalist named Ji-na, who wants to interview Min-woo. Ji-na is also curious about the identity and whereabouts of Natalie, who seems to have disappeared from the world. She suspects that there is more to the story than Min-woo is telling.

As Min-woo and Ji-na get closer, strange things start to happen. Min-woo begins to see Natalie everywhere, even in his dreams. He becomes obsessed with finding her and uncovering the truth. Is Natalie real or just a figment of his imagination What is her secret and what does it have to do with Min-woo The film takes the viewers on a twisted journey of love, lust and obsession, where nothing is what it seems.



Natalie 3D is a film that explores the themes of art, obsession and identity. It challenges the viewers to question what is real and what is not, and how far one would go for love. The film also showcases the talents of the actors and the director, who deliver a captivating and provocative performance.

The film's 3D effects are not just a gimmick, but a way to enhance the visual storytelling and create a more immersive experience. The film uses 3D to create depth, contrast and perspective, as well as to highlight the emotions and expressions of the characters. The film also uses 3D to create some stunning scenes, such as the painting sessions, the dream sequences and the climax.

Natalie 3D is a film that will leave you breathless and intrigued. It is a film that will make you think and feel. It is a film that you will not forget. Download it now from Public3D and see for yourself.

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