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Independencia Financiera Ramtha Pdf [REPACK] Download

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Independencia Financiera Ramtha Pdf [REPACK] Download

How to Achieve Financial Independence with Ramtha's Teachings

Financial independence is a goal that many people aspire to, but few achieve. It means having enough income to cover your expenses without relying on a job, a business, or anyone else. It also means having the freedom to pursue your passions, hobbies, and interests without worrying about money.

But how can you achieve financial independence in a world that is full of limitations, challenges, and uncertainties How can you overcome the mental and emotional barriers that keep you from creating wealth and abundance

One possible answer is to follow the teachings of Ramtha, a spiritual master who claims to have lived as a Lemurian warrior over 35,000 years ago. Ramtha is said to channel through J.Z. Knight, an American author and speaker who has been sharing his wisdom with the world since 1977.

In his book Independencia Financiera, Ramtha explains that our abundance will come when our desire to obtain material riches is as great as our desire to find the inner God and attain enlightenment. Paradoxically, all the limitations that obstruct our path to enlightenment - such as narrow-mindedness and our attachment to the guidelines of social consciousness - are the same ones that prevent us from achieving any goal that we have set for ourselves in our evolution as human beings.

The book offers the reader a knowledge that will undoubtedly change their attitude towards wealth and money, opening the way for both financial independence and a new connection with God, where genius, love, and abundance flow without interruption.

If you are interested in learning more about Ramtha's teachings and how they can help you achieve financial independence, you can download the PDF version of his book Independencia Financiera from one of these sources:



We hope you enjoy reading this book and applying its principles to your life. Remember that financial independence is not only possible, but also your birthright as a divine being.

In this section, we will explore some of the key concepts and practices that Ramtha teaches to help us achieve financial independence. These include:

Understanding the nature of reality and how we create it with our thoughts and emotions.

Using the power of imagination and visualization to manifest our desires.

Developing a positive and grateful attitude towards money and abundance.

Creating a personal vision and a plan of action to achieve our goals.

Overcoming fear, doubt, and procrastination that hinder our progress.

Aligning ourselves with the divine source of all creation and expressing our true purpose.

Let's look at each of these topics in more detail.

Understanding the nature of reality and how we create it with our thoughts and emotions

Ramtha teaches that reality is not fixed or objective, but rather fluid and subjective. He says that we are not passive observers of reality, but active creators of it. He explains that reality is composed of energy and information that responds to our consciousness. He says that we can shape and influence reality with our thoughts and emotions, which are also forms of energy and information.

According to Ramtha, everything that exists in our physical world is a reflection of our inner world. He says that we attract and manifest what we think and feel, whether consciously or unconsciously. He says that we can change our reality by changing our thoughts and emotions. He says that we can create anything we want, as long as we believe it is possible and align ourselves with it vibrationally.

Ramtha also teaches that reality is not linear or deterministic, but rather multidimensional and probabilistic. He says that there are infinite possibilities and potentialities for every situation and event. He says that we can choose which possibility or probability we want to experience by focusing our attention and intention on it. He says that


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