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Can I Buy Books On Kindle App

There was probably a time when your home was brimming with bookshelves, stuffed to the gills with novels you have already read or yet plan to read. These days, a single Kindle can clear out all that clutter, putting virtually every book you could want to read in the palm of your hands.

can i buy books on kindle app

It's been a years-long issue between the two companies, which are in a stalemate over how much money Apple can take out of Amazon's e-book sales. Apple's policy is to take a 30% cut of any in-app purchases made through apps on its platform. That includes e-books, movies, music, and things like virtual stickers.

The company recognizes smartphones and tablets are a fast growing segment of its e-book business. People aren't just reading digital versions of their books on the devices either. Listening to audiobooks is becoming increasingly popular.

As a result, Amazon decided to stop allowing users to buy Kindle books via its apps, whether we're talking about the Amazon app or the Kindle one. The message displayed to shoppers suggests it's Google's fault for not permitting eBook sales, but it's Amazon's decision to just pull the functionality.

You can continue browsing Amazon's Kindle book list and add books to your favorites list. Then, when you reach a computer, you can move those books from the favorites list to the cart and make the purchase. In this way, all that time spent browsing books while commuting doesn't go to waste.

While your books should sync across your devices, selecting "Kindle for Mac" ensures it's downloaded immediately to your desktop if you wish to read it from your computer. For this option to appear, you will have to download the app and log in to your account first.

Note: Your iPhone and iPad automatically prompt you to use apps if you have them. However, you should ignore these prompts since you cannot use the Amazon or Kindle apps to purchase books.

Any time you use a website for an app you have, your iPhone or iPad will keep prompting you to use the app instead. If you accidentally navigate to the Amazon or Kindle app and try to purchase the book, you will see the message, "This app does not support purchasing of this content. Digital books and comics purchased from Amazon are available to read in the Kindle app." If this happens, just navigate back to Safari. Also, if you have trouble downloading a book due to storage limits, you can also learn how to manage your iCloud storage.

I get tired of having to buy Kindle e-books by navigating to the Amazon site through Safari. If you want to find an easy way to buy Kindle books on your iPad or iPhone, there's a shortcut. To learn more iPhone tricks, sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

Apple collects a percentage of the money spent on digital purchases within the apps on its devices, but when you buy Kindle books on iPhone or iPad using Safari or another web browser, 100 percent of the money goes to Amazon. So the answer to the questions, why can't I buy books on Kindle app and why can't I buy Kindle books on Amazon app is: Amazon doesn't want to pay.

This battle over in-app purchase commissions is why you can't buy a Kindle book after the sample and why you can't buy a Kindle book in the Amazon app on iPhone or iPad. It's also why it's only possible to buy and download Kindle books on your iPhone or iPad or access the Kindle store from your iPhone using a web browser and not the app.

Now get to reading! If you plan to buy more Kindle books on your iPhone or iPad in the future, I highly recommend that you create a shortcut to the Amazon store from your iPhone or iPad Home screen. Next, learn how to delete books from your Kindle app. If you're trying to read books and find your iPad is lagging, check out these handy tips to uncover why your iPad is so slow. If you're still stuck deciding whether a Kindle or iPad is right for your e-reading needs, check out our Kindle vs. iPad article.

Google used to have a laissez faire attitude towards taking a cut of each in-app transaction. This all changed in 2022, when they mandated that everyone who sells digital content on Android, had to use the new Google Play Billing system.They gave developers a couple of months to make changes to their apps, or they would be booted from the Google Play Store. They took a 30% cut out of each transaction, which is similar to what Apple charges. Considering Amazon is the largest ebook seller in the world, the paid commission to Google would be staggering. Amazon was the latest company to suspend digital transactions on Android, Audible and Barnes and Noble ceased selling audiobooks and ebooks in their apps too.

It is important to note that you have to sideload these app stores on your Android phone, Android Tablet or Android e-reader/e-note. In this day and age, you should know how to do this already, but if you need assistance, drop a comment below and one of our regular readers should help. Michael Kozlowski Editor-In-Chief + posts Michael Kozlowski has written about audiobooks and e-readers for the past twelve years. Newspapers and websites such as the CBC, CNET, Engadget, Huffington Post and the New York Times have picked up his articles. He Lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Amazon Kindle users can no longer make in-app purchases for books and subscriptions on Android devices, but there's still a way to deliver books to the app. One of the benefits of buying e-books for Kindle is that any purchased content can be viewed on multiple platforms. The Kindle Store is designed to be used with Amazon's line of Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets, but it can also be used with third-party devices. The Kindle app is available on iOS and Android, and there are even desktop applications that can be installed on Mac and Windows computers.

Users are no longer able to make purchases on the Kindle app for Android as of June 2022, a date that coincided with a deadline for compliance with Google's updated Play Store guidelines. Like the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store requires apps to use its own billing system to accept in-app payments. This benefits Google, as any purchase made under the Play Store billing system is subject to a 15 percent fee. To avoid paying this fee on any new books purchased in the Kindle app, Amazon decided to remove the ability to make in-app purchases from the Android app entirely. This is not exactly surprising, since the Kindle iOS app doesn't allow purchases due to the avoidance of a similar App Store requirement.

The Kindle app for Android displays a notification that explains the shift and guides users in the right direction. "To remain in compliance with Google's updated Play Store policies, readers will no longer be able to buy or rent Kindle books or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited through this app," a prompt reads. In order to keep using the Kindle app for Android, the company suggests that users make purchases through the Amazon website. This can be done on a computer, but it can also be done on a mobile web browser. It takes a few extra steps to make purchases on Android, but it is still possible.

To purchase a Kindle e-book on a mobile or desktop browser, open the Kindle Store on the Amazon website and sign in with the same account being used on the Kindle Android app. Search for a book and click on it. On the product page for the book, select the Kindle edition and click on the Buy Now button to immediately purchase the e-book. Users can also use the drop-down menu below the Buy Now button to deliver the e-book to the Kindle app for Android. If the book doesn't appear in the library, users can click on the Sync button in the app to prompt a download. While this is a bit of a workaround, it ensures that Kindle Android users will still be able to buy and read new books.

I recently discovered that I can no longer shop through the Kindle app on my iPad. I can buy books via my Android phone and then download them to the iPad. If this is Apple's attempt to make you purchase books through iBooks, I think that is pretty crooked. Google play has books, but Kindle shopping isn't blocked on Android.

Does this still (07-2013) work for iPad/folks? I am brought to the amazon kindle site and everything goes fine until the final submit purchase screen. However, on my IPad, what should be a clickable submit purchase button is not clickable/ not functional! I can't seem to purchase kindle books at all with my iPad ( iPad I ). The same link works fine from a PC.

This is a problem I've been wrestling with for months and I finally deigned to spend the requisite time in a live chat session with Amazon trying to fix, and I believe (two hours later) that I have at least a temprorary solution until they get it together. It's true, one can no longer purchase Kindle books directly through the Kindle app on an iPad. They've simply eliminated the store within the app. AND, you cannot purchase a kindle book on your ipad through either the Amazon app itself, or even the regular Amazon Safari site. You must go to and that is the ONLY place that iPad users can now purchase their Kindle books. - And they do not tell you this anywhere within the Amazon site, it's incredibly frustrating.

So. You can buy your content through your browser on amazons site. And then access it through the kindle app. But you can't buy content from the app itself. That inconvenience is to encourage you to buy your content from Apple. It's certainly not because amazon wants it that way...

This may not be news to you if you've tried to buy Kindle books from either application over the last 6+ years, but this recently came up again as an obstacle to a few family members and friends, so we thought it was still worth sharing the workaround. Granted, we can file this one under better late than never, but coverage seems warranted considering the fact that the issue has persisted for so long and isn't looking to be resolved in the immediate future. 041b061a72


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