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Sugar Warrior Challenge 🚫🍫

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Crack Version Features: ENJOY HOURS OF FUN AND DISCOVERY- 85 levels, including several boss levels- Enjoy the visuals of 7 completely different worlds with their own gameplay mechanics- Challenge yourself with game achievements- Enjoy the graphics of the original Flash game ( your creations- Fully featured level editor included to create more puzzles- Share your levels online, play and rate levels created by other playersPlus+ Enabled- Add friends, race to the top of global leaderboards for high scores glory- Earn awards and gamerpoints on Plus+, the free social gaming network- Full version exclusive: Do you blast Moki?- Visit our website,, check out existing trailers, follow us on Twitter (, and leave comments on our forumsiBlast Moki is presented by Godzilab exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch

Thank you for downloading the game. For those that would like to keep up with the development, please join our Facebook group . Constructive feedback and bug reports are very much appreciated. You can also join us on Twitter and leave comments on our website .

A free, fun, and accessible game for all ages.In this game, you will be visiting various locations in a 3D environment. Your main task is to locate the most precious artifacts that are scattered around the world. You will be equipped with a unique skeleton companion. You can use him in different ways, and you can interact with the environment, solve puzzles, and much more. You can even call him using your smartphone or tablet. Be careful; if you lose your companion, the game is over.

As an adventurer, you must collect various artifacts scattered around the world. Your main companion in this game will be a talking skeleton. You can talk to him about any topic you want, and you can set him free to move around the environment. You can also equip him with items, call him, and give him orders. A smart skeleton can be a great help when you are solving puzzles. Using it, you can interact with the environment in many ways. You can pull levers, use hidden traps, solve puzzles, and much more.

The latest version of this app is available for free download at the App Store.

The full version features:

- Extras: Moki Gallery, Moki songs and Moki music videos.

- Customizable themes: choose between your favourite Contact, Polar, Moki or Floppy themes and much more....

- Collect your Moki on your Moki Shop.

- Build your Moki from scavenged parts.

- Compete with your friends and see your place in the world.

- Discover more in-game content.

- Earn achievements and climb on the global leaderboards.

- Use your Moki Shop credits to buy new parts and weapons in the Shop. 827ec27edc


Welcome fellow sugar warriors! This group is to try and help...

Sugar Warrior

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