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Richard Isaev

Colored Cracked Iphone Back Cover ^HOT^

My phone has always had a case and screen protector on it. I just took off my case to replace the screen protector to discover the back of my phone completely shattered with pieces even broken off. ? Let me know if you find anything out please because this is ridiculous!!

colored cracked iphone back cover

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I have had iPhone products since the beginning and have the iPhone 12 and just noticed the back completely cracked!I had never had any issues with any other iPhones I have owned. Absurd of the cost for back replacement, very disappointed!

In spite of having back cover case and screen protector the glass just shattered. The back cover case is intact. I have used the phone just for about 20 days. Quite crazy, never go for this glass back case. This is the first time it is happening in any of the iphone i have so far used. Poor design by Apple

Mines iPhone 12 Pro never been dropped. I keep a gorilla screen protector on it and it is in a very sturdy case. I took it out of the case recently just to see if it needed cleaning and discovered the entire back glass was shattered.

My daughter has been meticulous in taking care of her iphone 12 and has had a protective cover and screen protector on it since she bought it 7 months ago. It has never been dropped. She just took the cover off to clean it and found the back substantially cracked.

I am SO careful with my phone, but the glass has cracked the glass 3 times my Iphone 11 in about 2 years! Twice on the front and once on the back. I always have a good case and a screen protector on it. This is really, really not OK, Apple.

I have owned my iPhone 12 Max less than 6 months and just discovered the back glass is shattered, protective case made no difference. Yes I dropped it onto a hard non-carpeted floor but I have never cracked or damaged previously owned iPhone versions after dropping hundreds of times which is why I was willing to pay more in the past. The 12 model versions are clearly all flawed due to this back glass design. Apple should offer a trade in for a 13 model (metal back). Advise not to buy any 12 version.

My iPhone 12 has been in a case with a screen protector from the moment I bought it. The back is all cracked. Insane that is have to pay $500 to fix it especially since it seems to be a defect of the phone. Looking for Apple to give me a better option.

My back glass broke in my pocket when I had my keys in the same pocket. It was ridiculous. Now my screen has been experiencing dead spots making it difficult to type and work with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Since there are issues with the screen would that be covered under warranty?

I took the case off my iPhone 12 Pro to put metal in for magnetic phone holder, and found the back all cracked when I took the case off. I had no idea it was cracked as I have had a protective case on since I bought the phone.

I have had an iPhone 12 for 14 months now. It has been in a protective case since day one I did not drop it. It was on the counter when a white line appeared across the left-hand side of the screen. After watching some videos of what it could be, I removed the case and saw that inside the back was completely cracked but nothing along the edges. Some thing happened to it for a glass to be pushed out from inside.

Phone is not even one year old yet. Must have dropped and I did not know it cracked. Went to take off the case to clean my phone and found the whole back glass was cracked. Definitely poor design. Shame on Apple. The least they could do is have it covered once or have the price a lot cheaper than it is to repair.

Cheap phone! iPhone 12 back cracked even with Otter box case and screen protector from day 1. Have had many iPhones in family but this is the worst one so far. Back of phone is cracked/shattered inside of the clear Otter Box case. Will be hunting a better phone option when this one dies.

I always put a tempered glass cover and a case on my phones on day one, never broke a phone before. This time, I bought the iPhone MagSafe case for my 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max. Was showing my case to my other half today and discovered the back is crazy paved. Have never dropped it so no idea when this has happened. Of course AppleCare has expired so out of Warranty. More than 500 to repair. Unlikely to get much of that back even if I traded it in, so will hope it survives until Sept 22 when I intend to upgrade. Very disappointed. Will probably go for a cheaper iPhone next time because of this.

I am simply heartbroken.. The back glass of my I phone is cracked and I have had a phone protector on it.. Over the course of time it has continued to crack and is a pitiful mess now. That I know of, the phone has not been dropped. I do not have any children in my home either.. Just sick over this!!..

I have always had iPhones with no problems like this until now. I purchased my iPhone 12 Pro Max in April 2021 and immediately purchase an Apple made protective clear case, screen protector and lense protector. Screen is fine however the back glass is partially cracked including a crack around the lenses. Bumbed at the vulnerability of the back glass!

A glass back also means less cellular antenna interference. It requires more inventiveness to fit the antennas into the cover as the iPhone grows thinner and the edge-to-edge screens take up more of the useable area in the phone. Apple has more freedom with a glass back than it would with metal.

If the glass on the back of your phone cracks, use something like food coloring or markers to go over the damage, then wipe the excess away with a paper towel or napkin. Be advised that while the results may look interesting, they will not repair any of the damage and will not make the broken glass less sharp. There's still a very real chance that colored-in cracks will continue to spread and cut your fingers.

When Apple announced the new dark purple color for the iPhone 14 Pro series, I knew that I would never be able to cover it up. That's why, if I'm going to use a case, I want something clear. Being from Apple, you can be certain that the magnets are well aligned. They also assure buyers that the materials have been tested for scratch-resistance and yellowing. While I will say that it is hard to scratch the clear back panel, I haven't yet found a clear case where the more opaque bumpers on the side survive a year of abuse without some discoloration. That said, the Apple Clear Case with MagSafe will protect your phone without keeping it hidden. It's $49 on the Apple Store.

my iPhone's screen was cracked a little but then it accidentally fell out of my pocket and the button to turn on the iPhone came off,I put it back on and turned it on and my screen was all mest up,is there anyway I can fix it besides going to apple,can I buy a screen and just replace it,are they expensive p?

Ok everyone listen up! DO NOT send your phone in with a cracked back glass. I really hope this message reaches people. This is a scam that Tmobile is running. They make it very vague on whether it's ok to send it in with cracked back glass and they say that only the lcd screen is what's important. Well I was just denied my $800 promotional trade in after thinking it was good because I already received 2 monthly bill credits. They want you to send it in that way so you buy the new phone, they give you a couple monthly credits so you think everything is all good. Then they take it away and you end up having to pay full price for the new phone. I told them I wanted my old phone back and to take this 256g galaxy s21 ultra $1400 phone back which was impossible. You can't get your old phone back at this point. Such an obvious scam because they know that just about everyone has at least 1 crack in that back glass. It cracks very easily. Its just a way to get you to buy a new expensive phone and also you are giving them your old phone for free which they will just quickly refurbished and resell. You can order this back glass on Amazon for like $15 and replace it yourself. There are videos showing exactly how to do it. I was about to do this but decided I didn't have to because the back glass isn't part of their 4 point inspection which is just what they want you to think. They guy on the phone was trying to tell me the back glass is the display. I was like how is it the display? It doesn't display anything and it's a separate piece of glass! They ended up giving me a $300 credit after a long hold which I'm sure is what they are taught to do. The long hold makes you think they are talking to supervisors and managers but really they are just sitting in their chair playing candy crush or something. So if you're in this situation, make sure to at least get your $300 credit. I hate big companies and their scam tactics so much. They think they have everyone fooled. Please share this message I'm very upset about this and I would like to get the word out on this. It's pathetic.

That makes no sense whatsoever. If I sent in a phone that didn't work, why would I be so upset when they didn't accept it? Everything I wrote is true. I had my s9 for 3 years with 0 damage. The back glass cracked just a couple months prior to sending it in. I'm not sure why you feel the need to say I'm lying about my phone what purpose does that serve for you? I simply felt the need to warn people to not send their phones in with cracked back glass when it can easily be fixed for $18.

In order to qualify for the $29 repair, the iPhone must be covered by AppleCare+ and have no additional damage beyond the damaged back glass that would prevent Apple from replacing the back glass, such as a bent or dented enclosure.

I'd avoid dropping the 14 Pro Max on a staircase, though. When dropped on its side on the same paved staircase, this model ended up with a cracked back panel, scuffed corners, dented buttons, and damage to the camera housing. The phone and camera continued to function as normal, however.

Narrator: My name's Abdullah. I am a phone-repair-store owner. Today, I'll be showing you the repairs of three different iPhones in three different conditions. They all have a similar issue, a cracked back glass. The repairs are pretty similar, but each model has a few different steps. 350c69d7ab


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