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Richard Isaev

Love Girl (03) Mp4

The film sets off in an entirely different direction from the second film. Junior is a preteen and is infatuated with a girl named Tiffany, but she does not notice him. Things take a mischievous turn when he finds out there are three other boys interested in her as well. In this installment, he is portrayed by Justin Chapman replacing Michael Oliver and Ben is portrayed by William Katt replacing John Ritter. Neither Annie (Amy Yasbeck) nor Trixie (Ivyann Schwan) appear in it, nor are they mentioned. Gilbert Gottfried and Jack Warden are the only cast members to appear in all three films (with Gottfried being the only one appearing in the films and the animated series). Eric Edwards reprises his role as "Murph" from the second film. The film neither explains why Junior is once again wearing a bow-tie, since he discarded it at the end of the first film, nor how Big Ben is still rich, since his apparent new wife, LaWanda Dumore, is never mentioned and how Mr. Peabody went from being a school principal to a dentist.

Love Girl (03) mp4

He is taken to a dance school, run by Lila Duvane, a tyrannical debutante, and hates it at first; but then he meets Tiffany, a girl who recently moved to town, but Murph informs him that three boys named Duke Phlim, Blade and Corky McCullum have already laid claim. Junior tries to proclaim his love to Tiffany, but fails miserably. At school, he is given a new teacher, the overbearing Mr. Burtis, who he traps in the same way he did to Miss Hicks. In his victory, Junior bites into an apple and feels pain. He and Ben go to a dentist's office where it is discovered by the infamous Igor Peabody that he needs dental braces. Ben asks his father, Big Ben, for a $5,000 loan, which leads to disappointing results.

With the three boys seriously injured and terrified of him, Junior finally tries to spend some time with Tiffany, who turns out to be a rich brat. In retaliation, he pranks her by tying the sash ribbon on her dress to a statue, and as she walks forward, it rips off. In her underwear, embarrassed and laughed at, she runs out crying, and Bertha, blaming Junior, chases after her. Junior finds a kinder girl, dressed as a witch and also wearing braces, whereas Ben and Sarah get together.

He was the progenitor of the lycans and the leader of the lycan resistance since the times of Viktor's enslavement. Lucian was also the lover of the Vampire Sonja and was largely a catalyst of the events of all Underworld films.

At some point during Viktor's reign, Lucian meets Viktor's daughter, Sonja, and falls in love with her. When Lucian is 195 and Sonja 192, the two wed secretly, kept hidden from both Lycans and Vampires alike. Lucian bravely defends Sonja anytime he sees she is in danger, but his heroic actions are met with cynicism from Viktor. The Coven historian, Andreas Tanis, discovers their relationship, and gives Lucian a key that will remove his shackles at any time in return for Sonja's seat on the Vampire Council. After seeing Sonja being overwhelmed by Werewolves a few nights later, Lucian removes his collar and changes form. He rushes to her defense, saving her life. Viktor is outraged to learn that Lucian removed his collar, and has him severely beaten for it.

Lucian manages to break Sonja out of her room, but Viktor and his Death Dealers are waiting for them. They destroy the lovers' escape route, forcing them to battle the Death Dealers in an attempt to escape. Lucian fights bravely, but is soon cornered by Death Dealers, who hold him at bay with crossbows.

Lucian returns to the Lycan den and tests Michael's blood, which tests positive for the Corvinus Strain. He then orders Singe to take a small group of heavily armed Lycans and track Selene, with the hopes that Selene will lead them to Michael. Due to the meddling of a love-sick servant girl named Erika, who is infatuated with Kraven, Selene is able to escape the mansion and leads the Lycans to Michael. Michael is captured by Pierce and Taylor, two of Lucian's lieutenants, and is taken to the den. There, Lucian draws Michael's blood and injects himself with it, creating the first step towards becoming a Hybrid. The second step is to gain access to Amelia's blood, so that Lucian can inject himself with that as well.

As Michael is dying, Lucian tells Selene to bite him. Not only will it save and cure Michael of the Silver Nitrate, but also to avenge the loss of his and Sonja's love. Desperate to save Michael, Selene sinks her fangs into Michael's neck, injecting the Vampire virus into his system and causing him to shift into the first Hybrid. Dying, Lucian proclaims to Kraven, "You may have killed me, cousin, but my will is done regardless." Kraven then shoots Lucian multiple times in the chest, killing him. Lucian dies satisfied, knowing that his goal has been achieved and both his wife and unborn child have finally been avenged.

When Viktor announces that Sonja will marry Nicolae, the Vampire son of Marcus, Sonja's despair prompts her to arrange a meeting with Lucian in the abandoned chapel to discuss her feelings, resulting in the two of them admitting to their love for each other. After a month of secret meetings in the chapel, Sonja learns that she is pregnant, and the two marry in a private symbolic ceremony before setting out to leave the castle, only for Viktor to learn of their relationship due to the treachery of Leyba, a Lycan servant who is infatuated with Lucian. Although initially apparently content to just whip Lucian for his actions, when Sonja reveals her pregnancy, Viktor has Sonja burned to death, driving Lucian to escape that night. Taking charge of a pack of wild Lycans, Lucian takes control of a Vampire silver mine, only for his army to be destroyed when Nicolae leads a raid on the mine. However, although Lucian's forces are destroyed, Lucian escapes when his anger at Nicolae causes him to transform without the full moon for the first time, tearing Nicolae apart before fleeing himself.

As a result of this, and due to his devastation over the death of his beloved Sonja and unborn child, Lucian becomes a colder and more ruthless person. He apparently sees no ill in killing Vampires or putting innocent mortals in the line of fire to achieve his goals. However, he is hardly apathetic or selfish - everything he is doing is to better the lives of his species and avenge his family. He treats Michael with courtesy and apologizes for the other Lycans' rough handling of him, and also tells Selene to bite Michael after he is mortally wounded, recognizing their growing love for one another and perhaps empathizing with them. He is also shown to be rather short-tempered, but is much less aggressive than his fellow Lycans, discouraging infighting and promoting civility and cooperation amongst them.

Lucian initially respected Viktor, as he was the ruler of the Vampire Coven. He confesses that Viktor made him into a slave and an animal, a trade he hates to acknowledge. Viktor claimed to love Lucian like "a son", but his affection toward him appeared to be closer to the love of a master for his pet dog, and it is clear that Viktor saw Lucian as being expendable. The respect that Lucian once had for Viktor dies away when he is brutally whipped in front of his fellow Lycans for removing his collar, despite the fact that he had saved Sonja from certain death earlier. Lucian's grudge against Viktor turned into hate when Sonja was executed under Viktor's orders, along with Lucian's unborn child. Lucian would have ultimately attempted to kill Viktor after Sonja's execution, but elected rather to flee after knocking Viktor down once several guards armed with silver weapons stormed the hall to protect the Elder. In their last confrontation, Lucian felt no remorse for trying to kill Viktor, fully reciprocating their feelings toward each other. Lucian remains unaware up until his death that Viktor was the one responsible for killing his mother, shooting the female Werewolf with a silver crossbow the day Lucian was born.

Lucian was in love with Sonja, despite their differences in species. The two always met in secret, and Lucian had planned to leave with her. It is not known how far along with child Sonja was, but the news shocked everyone when she publicly announced her pregnancy. Lucian was heartbroken when she was burned in the sun while he was forced to watch, and this was what started the war between the Lycans and Vampires. Sonja's death maddened Lucian to the point where he unleashed the monstrous Werewolves to breach the castle walls, and overthrew Viktor in the process. Lucian took her pendant and wore it to always remember her, unaware it was part of the key to William's prison.

Lucian considered Selene his enemy due to her being a Vampire and the progeny of Viktor. Selene shot Lucian in the head and neck in an attempt to kill him, and Lucian himself tried to kill her in an attempt to retrieve Michael from her. Lucian manages to wound her badly, something that other Lycans fail to do. However, after Kraven's betrayal, a wounded Lucian witnesses Michael and Selene kissing, which reminded him of his love affair with Sonja. Lucian even saves Selene from Kraven, and proceeds to aid her in saving Michael from the silver nitrate in his bloodstream by telling her to bite him. Selene's actions lead to Lucian dying satisfied, knowing his will has been done and that his beloved wife and unborn child had finally been avenged. Shortly after Lucian's death, Selene kills Viktor and fulfills Lucian's centuries long quest for revenge on the Vampire Elder.

"Like Lady Whistledown, I have been keeping a secret for quite some time and I can confirm to you all that season 3 is Colin and Penelope's love story," she said. "I have kept that secret since two weeks into season 2."

The official deviation from the book order means that anything goes for future seasons (assuming that Netflix will definitely renew its biggest hit). Season 4 could go back to Benedict's love story, or maybe have another Bridgerton sister be the lead. In that case, Eloise could be up sooner than the book order, or maybe Francesca, who's set for a bigger role in Season 3. 041b061a72


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