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Richard Isaev
Richard Isaev

Amazon Hot Box 2018 720p ##BEST##

Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder - for example I've been replaying Super Mario 3D World recently, and at some points I think it looks gorgeous. This despite the fact it's upscaling from 720p, but the fluidity of movement at 60fps combined with some smart visual design and a colourful aesthetic is terrific. This is something Nintendo did well on Wii U, with examples including Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the latter of which was even native 1080p.

Amazon Hot Box 2018 720p

@abbyhitter I'd agree in that case. The issue with the Wii is that it was outputting a max of 480p when HD (720p and up) was becoming standard. However, we're never going to see such a large jump in resolution again. On the other hand, many console games of this generation are having frame rate issues.

Great article. Considering that I have also recently purchased a nice new (non-OLED) LG UHD HDR big screen I was also compelled to buy the new PS4 Pro to replace my old PS4. I've always been and always will be a Nintendo fanboy, the gameplay is unique and fun to revisit. But the thing that makes Nintendo games less appealing over time is outdated graphics compared to their competition. I love the new PS4 Pro and yet I can largely get the same or better result on my PC, so for me the PS4 Pro ends up being for exclusives or games that I'd rather sit back on the couch and play like Skyrim.The Wii U stayed largely relevant among it's fans with great games and consistent frame rates even if they were often only at 720p. To stay relevant in an age where UHD content isn't everywhere most current televisions upscale 720p or higher content fairly well. I think Nintendo should stick to what they are good at. Given the price point of the Switch it will likely be a 900p console for current gen that hits 4K with minimalistic graphics but drops as low as 720p. I think the Switch should target 1080p when possible but go no less than 720p while targeting a smooth 30 or 60fps. While games like Mario Kart Wii don't age that well visually they are still fun to go back to. Personally I think some of Nintendo's efforts like Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon outshine a lot of their competition with artistic flare and innovation where it is needed, in gameplay. I'm very optimistic about Nintendo's future, while at the same time excited for competition from Sony and Microsoft next year. Each brings something unique to the table and as gamers we have benefited.

Personally, I can live with 720p games but framrate means a lot more to me. I can deal with 30fps on handheld and mobile, on console it really ruins it for me. It's way more noticible to me. I can live with it I guess, but somehow I have a feeling big games wont achieve high fps or high resolution on Switch, and that's very disappointing to me, who, as a customer, will likely never take the $300+ system outside my front door.

4k hear we go again .Eeventhou they are quite cheap now there is VAST amount of world's population that don't have one.Even TV providers like Sky and Virgin only offer a small amount of 4k programs although at a hight price, Freest, Freeview ect have none.Most tv ones don't even broadcast in 1080p.It's going to be Quite sone time for mass market has 4k ,let alone HDR ,and even longer for normal channels to have this.720p 60fps on 40 inch tv is absolutely fine.If you've got 50 inch or above 1080p 60fps is needed if fussy.4k home consoles is not important or needed wright now and unless your hardcore tv buff or what very best of best looking picture on your games most people don't care.

The resolution of the games really depends on the screen size... The TVs I play are not bigger than 40" so the 4K and the 1080p doesn't differs that greatly.If you take de portable side of the Switch it would not matter at all if it was 10K or 720p, the screen size pixels would be so tiny on both resolutions that anyone of them would fulfill the need of the "graphic-addicteds". Saddly people just got blinded by specs. In my case, I'm still have to see that many, of nintendo games per console, games from others consoles, that makes me want it because they look fun and not a movie. 041b061a72


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