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Monkey King Hero Is Back Update V1.0.1.0 __HOT__


It's been a long time since the last release. The new input system and other development done during the last six months offer numerous usability improvements and an important bug fix for video playback on Ubuntu 13.04, so we'll be working hard to tie up the remaining loose ends and push out the next release. Until then, it is highly recommended to use the Git master instead of 0.7.0.

So, we have now worked on the editor for seven weeks and we need actual user feedback on what to improve before the actual release. There is a getting started wizard in the editor to make you familiar with the workflow where a large part of the process is automated via pitch detection and other means, making song creation easy. Only vocals will be supported for now but other modes are going to be available at a later time, under pro bono open-source development.

For many languages the translations are currently lacking updates. Another thing we are lacking is good graphics as well as developers for the dance mode. If you think you'll be able to do better, offer your work on #performous.

Another branch represents the next generation of our audio engine. It gets rid of the complicated plug-in system and relies on a single cross-platform backend: PortAudio. The new code brings many improvements and makes future development easier. The system is already usable - configuration implementation is the only significant thing left to do before taking it into use.

Although the release time is unknown, Ubuntu users can rejoice as we now have a Launchpad PPA (see details at our wiki), from where cutting edge builds of Performous can be easily installed and tested. PPA builds also include somewhat expermental midi drums and webcam background features. We have also been looking into the possibility to cross-compile Performous for Windows on Linux host. That would not only make releasing much easier, but would also allow automated nightly Windows builds.

It's been quiet for a while, so I figured it's a time to post an update. In the past seven months we have fixed a bunch of bugs, added a completely new configuration system, added many features that people have requested, reworked the song list exporter, created a completely new song browser with shiny graphics and crossfades, added experimental Rock Band drumset support and documented the source code. There will not be any big new (band game) features in 0.3.1 but after the release we can freely start breaking things again and that allows much faster development. One quite important thing that we might do is switching SDL to Clanlib 2.0. This needs testing, but it is likely that Clanlib has better full screen mode handling than SDL, and it certainly integrates better with C++. 153554b96e

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