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Sugar Warrior Challenge 🚫🍫

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Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez

HD Online Player (Castle 2009 Season 06 Complete 720p )

Although the feature was initially announced with the game, the ability to use create mode with other players online was not included in the final release. This functionality was added to the game through a software patch in November 2009 following a public closed beta test. Users are able to invite up to three people from their PlayStation Network Friends list to join them and create levels together.[32]

HD Online Player (Castle 2009 Season 06 Complete 720p )

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On 17 December 2009, LittleBigPlanet content including virtual clothing and furniture was released for PlayStation Home. Users are also now able to meet players and lauch into an online LittleBigPlanet game from within PlayStation Home with advanced options.[58] 350c69d7ab


Welcome fellow sugar warriors! This group is to try and help...

Sugar Warrior

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