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Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez

Where To Buy Blue Bunny Cherry Nut Ice Cream

Our tricolor spumoni is an Italian-inspired treat that blends chocolate ice cream, artificially flavored pistachio ice cream and cherry-flavored ice cream with fruit mix and mixed nuts. Perfect as the base for a signature sundae. Available in a 3-gallon tub.

where to buy blue bunny cherry nut ice cream

The traditional vanilla, cherries moobilee, and chocolate ice cream topped with strawberries, cherry topping, chocolate syrup, covered with crushed peanuts between a split banana accompanied with whipped cream and cherries!

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, hot fudge, caramel, root beer, or any of the 150 flavors of ice cream that we make. Try a Butter Pecan shake, a Cow Tracks Malt, or any new creation!

I assume from the picture that you add additional nuts that at the end, when you top with the remaining fudge sauce, cherry and whipped cream t That is how it looks, and what a traditional hot fudge sundae would have. Am I correct in this? Unless I totally missed it,I do not see that referenced at the end. 041b061a72


Welcome fellow sugar warriors! This group is to try and help...

Sugar Warrior

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