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Kannagi Dialogue In Tamil Pdf 37

Kannagi Dialogue In Tamil Pdf 37: An Ancient Tamil Classic

Kannagi is one of the most famous characters in Tamil literature and culture. She is the heroine of the epic Silappathikaram, which is one of the five great epics of Tamil literature. The epic tells the story of Kannagi, a chaste and loyal wife who avenges her husband's unjust death by cursing and burning the city of Madurai.

kannagi dialogue in tamil pdf 37

In this article, we will explore the 37 dialogues of Kannagi, which are considered to be the highlights of the epic. These dialogues showcase Kannagi's courage, wisdom, justice, devotion and compassion. They also reflect the social and moral values of ancient Tamil society.

The 37 Dialogues of Kannagi

The 37 dialogues of Kannagi are divided into three sections, corresponding to the three parts of the epic: Puhar Kandam (The Book of Puhar), Madurai Kandam (The Book of Madurai) and Vanchi Kandam (The Book of Vanchi). Each section has a different theme and tone.

Puhar Kandam

Puhar Kandam is the first part of the epic, which introduces the main characters and their background. Kannagi is married to Kovalan, a wealthy merchant from Puhar, a port city in Chola kingdom. They live happily until Kovalan falls in love with Madhavi, a courtesan and dancer. He neglects his wife and spends all his wealth on Madhavi. Kannagi patiently waits for him to return to her.

The dialogues in this section are mostly between Kannagi and Kovalan, or between Kovalan and Madhavi. They reveal the contrast between Kannagi's fidelity and Kovalan's infidelity, as well as the difference between true love and lust. Some examples are:

  • Kannagi to Kovalan: "My lord, you have left me alone like a bird without its mate. Why do you forsake me who loves you more than life?"[^1^]

  • Kovalan to Madhavi: "Your eyes are like lotus petals, your lips are like coral, your voice is like music. You are the only one who can satisfy my desires."[^1^]

  • Kannagi to Kovalan: "My lord, you have wasted your wealth on a woman who does not care for you. She is like a creeper that clings to a tree only for its shade. Come back to me who is like a vine that bears fruit for you."[^1^]

  • Kovalan to Kannagi: "My dear, I have realized my mistake. I have been blinded by passion and deceived by beauty. You are my true wife and companion. Forgive me and take me back."[^1^]

Madurai Kandam

Madurai Kandam is the second part of the epic, which narrates the tragic events that lead to Kannagi's revenge. Kovalan and Kannagi leave Puhar and go to Madurai, the capital city of Pandya kingdom. They hope to start a new life by selling Kannagi's precious anklet. However, Kovalan is falsely accused of stealing the queen's anklet by a greedy jeweler who covets Kannagi's anklet. He is arrested and executed by the king without a trial. Kannagi learns about her husband's fate and rushes to the royal court.

The dialogues in this section are mostly between Kannagi and the king, or between Kannagi and other characters who witness her ordeal. They show Kannagi's anger, grief, justice and power. She proves her husband's innocence by breaking her anklet and revealing that it contains pearls, while the queen's anklet contains rubies. She then curses the king and the city for their injustice and sets fire to Madurai with her divine power.

Kannagi to the king: "O king, you have killed my husband without a proper inquiry. You have violated the law of dharma (righteousness). You have brought shame to your lineage c481cea774


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