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Steve Berrones
Steve Berrones

I Spit On Your Grave 2

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Once Katie entered, however, she found herself facing the same trio of brothers who assaulted her, and afterwards, Ana turned heel by revealing herself as the boys' mother--spitting in Katie's face and snarling at her for trying to "hurt" her family. The villainess left Katie to be raped again by the boys and their family friend Valko; all the while, the evil Ana played her music at a loud pace to drown out Katie's pained screams--after which she cradled Georgy after they were done with Katie.

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You know, i have all my notes i took during this movie directly in front of me.I was going to write a lengthy review.This movie isn't worth the effort.Here are the two key takeaways from I Spit on Your Grave 21. Jemma Dallender could very well be the worst actress ever, including porn.2. This is some repugnant, sick, garbage.If this is your favorite movie, and you've watched it many times, please get help somewhere.

Jemma Dallender gives Camille Keaton a serious run for Day of the Woman supremacy. She's violable enough to earn your empathy and deadly enough to gain your respect; a hard-bodied final girl (okay, woman!) with a heart of cold. Remarkable production value for DTV and refreshing direction while staying true to the source material and sub-genre tropes. It also deserves credit for getting more literal with the title. I fucking loved this entry.

A model seeks revenge on the men who assaulted her in I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013). This sequel to the 1978 exploitation classic stars the gorgeous Jemma Gallender as Katie, an aspiring model who innocently accepts an offer to take some new pictures for her portfolio. But the photo shoot quickly turns into a nightmare as Katie is kidnapped and tortured by the creepy photographer and his friends. Will Katie escape and wreak bloody vengeance upon these sadistic sleazeballs? Of course, after she treats us to some raunchy rough trade handcuffed and full frontal. She'll make your snake spit! 781b155fdc


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