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I couldn't lie how I love this movie so much. I found myself enjoy watching it. There is credits to the director and two main casts who steal all the show. The relationship between soon-yi and chul-so was built really well from the beginning. How soon-yi treats him like a dog to become more than that. For me, the chemistry between Bo-yeong and joong-ki is the strongest aspect that makes this movie more alive and successful. Especially for joong-ki, he acts really convincing as an innocent wolf-boy. Unfortunately, there is a big mistake for the make up and visual effects especially when chul-so turns into a werewolf. The visual effects look horrible and cheap, the studio should hire a professional one to make the werewolf looks real. I think visual effects in korean movie has improved nowadays and definitely not as poor as this movie has. Beside weak visual effects, A Werewolf Boy is still a funny, beautiful and touching drama. It also very sweet and brings tears even to men. It's not the best ever korean movie for sure but it's still enjoyable to see and I personal love this movie!

The movie was nice for most of the time, although the Asian unconsumed love tension thing gets boring after a while. I am not even sure it was a romantic movie, as all the other commentators seem to think; friendship, yes.The biggest problem for me was the more than two hours running time. For a movie that was pretty clear on what it was about and how things are going to proceed, waiting so long to see how it ends was a chore. Another issue for me is that the main female character was not as interesting as her mother, who in fact was the catalyst of the entire thing.I liked some concepts in the film though: the immortal intelligent boy who looks like a man, but feels like a wolf, for example. This alone should have been enough to provide the backdrop of the story; no transformations necessary. The werewolf as a pack member, not a maniacal killer, was a nice idea, too. I also liked that they did not try to explain what happened to him or to give him allergies to silver or anything like that.All in all something that is not really a love story, has nothing to do with Twilight, it's a bit over dramatic - Korean style, but reasonable. Its length is the biggest flaw; a re-cutting of the film might make it more palatable.

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