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Anita Baker, Sweet Love: The Very Best Of Full Album Zip

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that said, the album s weaknesses are even more intriguing, not least the album s sheer diversity. the first two tracks are filled with songs about betrayal, heartache and heart strings, but then come the two tracks where anita baker sound like the not-quite-gifted tenth grader she was really. both i luv you and got to be there are clunky, indistinct and unfocussed, and the other tracks just dont seem to be moving forward at all.

in fact, they remind me of christine mcvie on her album christine worse still, they sound exactly the same. damn, even for a first album, baker had already mastered her sound, and im not sure the kind of uncertain, clueless musicking here is something she could just get away with on her second or even third albums.

its a small gripe though, surely. this album was conceived as the glam-soul-big-ballad album rapture had been, and i can imagine her as a slightly awkward ten-year-old playing along to rapture in the back of the car.

when they asked me to review the sweet love reissue (seen below), it took me a good five seconds to realize it was actually anita baker, not some lily-livered butchered version of the real thing as my mind catalogued the years of misleading images of baker she had clung to. you see, when baker released sweet love in 1983, she was a high school senior in detroit at the tail end of the motown recordings era. by the time of her rapture album in 1986, baker had graduated from michigan state and relocated to new york city. she had moved in front of the mike, her voice was free from the stately restraint of youth, and her songs were drenched in rich romanticism and sensuality. sweet love was a half-step before the glitz and bling that animated bakers post-rapture work. 3d9ccd7d82


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