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Beauty Kubes - Behind the Scenes

Lately, I have been receiving many questions about the Beauty Kubes range, so I thought I would address those questions for you now. *This blog is more on the personal side than usual, looking into how these products work for me & how I use them*

Surprisingly, the most commonly asked question I get is "Do you use Beauty Kubes yourself?". The answer is yes, I do. I am in love with my Beauty Kubes body wash! I love the scent and how creamy and luxurious it feels on my skin (and it doesn't irritate my psoriasis either which is an amazing bonus for me). Each tiny cube is enough for one wash, just crumble the cube between your wet hands and rub together until it makes a lather. This is more than enough for me, but for people that enjoy lots of lather/bubbles, I recommend you add your cube into your loofah sponge to help spread it better.

I have been overwhelmed by so many of your lovely comments about my hair, thank you! I had no idea people had noticed or admired my hair before, so this has been eye opening for me. So the answer to all those questions, YES!, I use Beauty Kubes on my hair and yes 1 cube per wash is more than enough for all my hair (I learnt that the hard way when I tried to use 2 conditioning kubes and it took 3 washes and my hair brush to get all the product out!). In my hair care routine I use the shampoo for normal/dry hair, but we also have shampoo for oily hair available too and I use the conditioning hair mask.

So here is an insight into how I care for my hair. Everyone is different and it might not be ideal for you, but this is what works well for me to keep my hair looking shinny & healthy. Skip ahead to see the Beauty Kubes video & read the positives about these products.

My 5 main hair care tips:

1) Firstly, I brush my hair thoroughly before jumping in the shower, to make sure I remove any tangles and to remove any lose or dead hair

2) I never use hot water for my hair. I always turn the temperature down so that the water is tepid/lukewarm. I have found this really helps keep my locks looking shinny and gives my hair more movement once dry. (I have tried using hot water before and I find my hair looks dull and doesn't seem as bouncy. Who knows if this is really a thing, but it defiantly makes a difference to me)

3) I apply the shampoo onto the scalp, where I focus on scrubbing particularly around the areas that get 'greasy' the soonest such as the hair line and fringe. I do not apply shampoo directly to the rest of my hair, I just run my hands over my hair & rub the hair onto the scalp which attracts leftover suds. When I rinse, I scrub my hair and ends as the shampoo makes its way out of the hair. (I also turn the water off whilst applying the shampoo & conditioner)

4) I squeeze any excess water out of my hair before applying the conditioner. I focus applying the conditioner on my hair and ends, avoiding the scalp. I find when I apply conditioner directly to the scalp, my hair gets greasy very quickly. I use my fingers to brush the product through the hair (or sometimes use a comb) and I rub the hair against my scalp to attract any leftover product. I make a bun on top of my head to let the conditioner do its magic for a few minutes whilst I focus on skin care etc, then rinse.

5) Lastly, I squeeze all excess water out of my hair, comb/brush and wrap it up into a t-shirt or microfiber towel. I find wrapping my hair tightly in a t-shirt/microfiber helps reduce the static and frizz in my hair

That's it! Check out the video below to see the Kubes in action.

Positives about Beauty Kubes:

  • Vegan Ingredients

  • Cruelty Free

  • Organic

  • Plastic Free, plant based, compostable packaging

  • 100% free from palm oil, silicone & sulphate

  • 27 washes per box, equivalent to a 300ml bottle of shampoo/conditioner

What more could you ask for from your hair care products?

Check out our our online shop to get your beauty kubes. If you have any questions please just let me know.

Until next time,

Zero Gib x

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