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Speckles The Tarbosaurus 2012 BRRIP 720p 500MB MKV

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Review: Speckles The Tarbosaurus (2012)

Speckles The Tarbosaurus (also known as Dino King: An Amazing Adventure) is a 2012 3D animated film from South Korea that tells the story of a young Tarbosaurus named Speckles who grows up in a world full of dangers and must face his nemesis, One-Eye, a rogue Tyrannosaurus who killed his family. The film is directed by Han Sang-Ho and features the voices of Goo Ja-Hyeong, Hyung-Suk Lee and Sin Yong-woo.

The film is a thrilling and emotional journey that follows Speckles from his childhood to his adulthood, as he struggles to survive, find love and protect his own offspring. The film showcases the diverse and stunning prehistoric landscapes of the Korean Peninsula, as well as the various dinosaurs that inhabited it. The film also explores themes such as family, friendship, courage, revenge and survival.

The animation quality of the film is impressive, especially for a low-budget production. The dinosaurs are rendered with realistic textures and movements, and the 3D effects add depth and immersion to the scenes. The sound design is also well-done, with realistic roars and growls that convey the emotions and personalities of the characters. The music score by Lee Mi-Sung is fitting and enhances the mood and atmosphere of the film.

The film is not without its flaws, however. The plot is somewhat predictable and clichÃd, borrowing elements from other dinosaur films such as The Land Before Time and The Lion King. The dialogue is minimal and mostly consists of grunts and squeaks, which may make it hard for some viewers to connect with the characters. The film also contains some inaccuracies and exaggerations regarding the size, behavior and appearance of some dinosaurs, which may annoy some paleontology enthusiasts.

Overall, Speckles The Tarbosaurus is a captivating and enjoyable film that will appeal to fans of dinosaurs and adventure stories. It is a rare example of a quality animated film from South Korea that deserves more recognition and appreciation. The film is available in BRRIP 720p format with a file size of 500MB in MKV format.Here are a few more paragraphs for the article:

The film has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its animation, action and emotional impact, while others criticized the film for its lack of originality, dialogue and scientific accuracy. The film has a rating of 5.4 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 799 user reviews[^1^]. Some of the positive reviews include:

"A respectable watch... The film is successful in presenting an honest look at dinosaur lives, and doesn't pull too many punches to deliver us a children's tale." - Blueghost[^1^]

"This movie is amazing! The animation is stunning, the story is touching and the characters are lovable. I cried so much at the end. This is one of the best dinosaur movies I have ever seen." - dinolover123[^1^]

"I loved this movie. It was very realistic and exciting. The dinosaurs looked very real and the 3D effects were awesome. The story was very sad but also very inspiring. Speckles is my hero." - tarbofan456[^1^]

Some of the negative reviews include:

"Tarbosaurus was one of those movies where the technology was excellent but the movie wasn't. Right now, IMDb is running 3.8 points on this, and as I am a lover of dinosaurs I was merciful and gave it that much. The movie comes from South Korea and their animation was really good." - MartinHafer[^1^]

"This movie is a rip-off of The Lion King and The Land Before Time. It has no originality or creativity. The dinosaurs don't talk or have any personality. They just grunt and squeak. The story is boring and predictable. The animation is decent but not enough to save this movie." - dinohater789[^1^]

"This movie is a disgrace to paleontology. The dinosaurs are inaccurate and exaggerated. They are too big, too fast


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