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Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez

Farming Life In Another World Folge 01 V1 [T]24...

Later during flight school, Han asked the instructor if there would be flying at any point. It took time, but eventually Han entered the cockpit of a TIE fighter. He made it to third place on the leader board. During a another flight class, the teacher Yurib Nakan, told the class to work in pairs and destroy a cannon's shield. Han and Tamu were partners for this exercise. Tamu's fighter was damaged, and Han saved him. When the training was over, Lyttan thanked Han for saving his brother's life. Soon after, a cadet came to Lyttan and said that he broke off before he could get a shot. Yurib then said that everyone failed the training. Han's actions of saving a cadet could have given Han a chance to become the best pilot the Galactic Empire had ever seen, but Han's fellow cadets might kill Han before he could do so. Solo claimed they should have earned partial credit since the team worked together.[31]

Farming Life in Another World Folge 01 v1 [T]24...

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Following the Battle of Endor, Han endeavored to honor Chewie's life debt to him by liberating the enslaved Wookiee homeworld from Imperial occupation.[18] Despite several setbacks, Han persisted with his mission. Together, Han and Chewie led a combined force of Wookiees, rebels, and mercenaries to spark a successful Wookiee uprising against the Empire. During the campaign, Han displayed resourcefulness and proved a cunning and effective commander. After the liberation of Kashyyyk, Han freed Chewbacca of his life debt so that he could reunite with his family.[33] 041b061a72


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