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Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris

Happy Feet 1 1080p Latino 14

happy feet boasts some of the best video quality i've yet seen from a warner blu-ray release. it's so good, in fact, that i'm surprised the studio has opted to deliver a blu-ray edition at all. from the opening credits to the final credits, the video quality here is stellar. it's not without minor issues, but the 1080p presentation is just incredibly crisp. (i'm also happy to report that the video quality of the hd dvd release is virtually identical.)

Happy Feet 1 1080p Latino 14

the 1080p/vc-1 encode of happy feet isn't perfect. it's not flawless, and i did notice some minor compression artifacts on occasion. but for an animation feature, those are relatively minor. the lack of extras is also a drag, but i'm sure warner will probably provide some form of extras on its subsequent dual-format releases.

while the story of happy feet is a familiar one, miller and his team of animators deliver it in a fresh and extraordinary way. we love the characters, and the characters love each other, and we are treated to a hilarious and beautifully rendered array of non-stop gags. the animation is inventive, with the characters moving in ways we've never seen, and we are treated to the largest variety of penguin species ever to appear in an animated feature. it's all about family, and miller and his team absolutely nail it.

the menus for both 'happy feet' blu-ray and hd dvd offer up the same options, though neither version comes with a copy of the 'happy feet' script. 'happy feet' comes in two flavors. the first is a standard edition that includes the standard blu-ray and hd dvd discs, a standard blu-ray/hd dvd case, and a standard blu-ray/hd dvd slipcover.


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